Vocabulary Test in ASVAB

10 Tips for ASVAB Vocabulary Test

ASVAB Vocabulary

ASVAB is a very important exam because it will determine whether or not a candidate is eligible for enlistment in the U.S Armed Forces. The subtests that you will find here are many (ten for the computer based version and nine for the pen and paper version). There are two English subtests in the exam and it is important that you obtain good scores in each one of them. Not every one is good at vocabulary and if you feel that your English needs improvement so that you can score high in the test, you need to start taking necessary steps to improve your knowledge of English terms. You will find that there is help at hand because there are so many resources available that can help you with this aspect of preparing for the test. You just have to know which options to consider so that you will be able to benefit the most.

ASVAB Vocabulary Tips

Do you want to score high in the overall exam? In such a case, follow the ten tips given below:

1) Reading is vital- One of the very most important tips you need to keep in mind is that in order to improve your English, you need to read. If you do not have the habit of reading regularly, make sure that you take out some time everyday to read books, newspapers, magazines or even online articles.

2) Study regularly- You need to start preparing for the exam at least two months before the date of the test. This way, you will have enough time to learn new terms that may help you during the exam.

3) Study in a quiet place- The room where you study should be quiet so that you will not be distracted and you will be able to absorb the meanings of the words you are learning.

4) Use a dictionary- Not many people have the habit of opening the dictionary to learn new words when they are preparing. However, you should develop this habit as it can help you.

5) Use a diary- Make a habit of using a diary to note down the new words that you have learned daily. This is because the human brain will forget after a certain period of time and when this happens, you can always refer to the diary to refresh your memory.

6) Ask- If you hear new words when you are talking to people, always ask them so that you will know the meanings of the words. You can then memorize these words and use them in your daily conversation and these will also help you in the vocabulary test.

7) Online help- There are websites that are dedicated to especially helping candidates to improve their English through sample tests. Take these tests and see how good you are in English and improve your knowledge of English vocabulary.

8) Flash cards- You can make use of flash cards to help you with words and their meanings. These can be found online as well as in bookstores.

9) Join a coaching class- If you want, you can always join a coaching class where you can learn in a better manner.

10)Be persistent- Do not stop studying after few days even if you feel lazy. You have to be persistent in your preparation. Vocabulary cannot be developed overnight and hence, you should be patient regarding your test preparation.

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