ASVAB Test Score

Importance of your ASVAB scores

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or the ASVAB is a multiple aptitude test administered to candidates who are interested in getting enlisted in the U.S. Military Services. Generally 10th, 11th and 12th grade students take up this test but anyone interested and who satisfies the basic eligibility criteria can also take up the test.

An individual's developed abilities in four different domains are tested in this test. These domains are the Science and Technology, the Math, the Verbal and the Spatial. More than a million candidates appear for this test annually.


There are three versions of the ASVAB:

    It is a computer adaptive test. It has 10 subtests. These subtests are General Science (GS), Electronics Information (EI), Mechanical Comprehension (MC), Auto Information (AI) and Shop Information (SI), Math Knowledge (MK), Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Word Knowledge (WK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC) and Assembling Objects (AO).
  • The P&P-ASVAB
    It is a paper and pencil version and has nine subtests. The subtests are the same as CAT-ASVAB with the one difference being that the two subtests, Auto Information and Shop Information are merged to form one subtest - The Auto and Shop Information (AS)
  • The Student-ASVAB
    This ASVAB test is taken up by students. There are 8 subtests in this version. The subtests are like the P&P-ASVAB version but the Assembling Objects subtest is not present.

ASVAB Scores

The ASVAB test score undergoes a process called "equating". The scores are statistically linked across different administrations and forms. Due to this process, there are no differences in the scores because of the form or administration mode a candidate undergoes.

There are three formats of the ASVAB test score. These are:

  • The Standard Scores
  • The AFQT Scores
  • The Composite Scores
  • The Standard Scores
    The Standard Scores are the scores of each of the subtest after the equating process. These scores are relative to a national sample of applicants in the age group of 18-23. Generally, 50 is the score achieved by 50% of the test takers and 60 is the score achieved by 16% of the test takers.
  • The AFQT Scores
    The ASVAB test score in four (Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension) of the subtests are used for computing the Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT) score. This score decides whether a candidate gets enlisted in the U.S. Military Services or not. The other subtests' scores determine the qualification for certain military occupational specialties and Enlistment Bonuses. The higher the score, the better is your chance of getting the specialty you prefer.
  • The Composite Scores
    Different rules, formulae and combinations are used to compute the composite scores. These scores are used for many purposes. Primarily, the composite scores are used for identifying the right military jobs for the selected candidates.

Importance of ASVAB Scores

The different formats of the ASVAB test scores are used for different purposes,

  • Enlistment Eligibility
  • Military Job Assignment
  • Career Exploration
  • Enlistment Eligibility:
    The AFQT scores determine the candidate's eligibility for military services. The percentile scores are categorized as given in the table below.
  • AFQT Category Percentile Score Range
    I 93-99
    II 65-92
    III A 50-64
    IIIB 31-49
    IV 10-30
    V 1-9

    The minimum qualifying score varies for each branch of service. The following table gives you the minimum AFQT score for the different wings of the U.S. Military Services. Rarely, the minimum score is reduced under exceptional conditions.
    Branch of Service Minimum AFQT for enlistment
    Air Force 36
    Army 31
    Marine Corps 2
    Navy 35
    Coast Guard 40

  • Military Job Assignment
    The best suited jobs for the enlisted candidates are decided by the Composite Scores. This website, gives the details of the jobs and the Composite Scores requirement.
  • Career Exploration
    The ASVAB offers a career exploration program. This helps the students to understand the characteristics of military and civilian life. This helps the students to identify the job or career that is best suited for them. The scores are reported as Verbal Skills, Math Skills and Science and Technical Skills.


The ASVAB test score is primarily used for selection into the U.S. armed services. These scores are also used for deciding the kind of jobs the enlisted candidates can take up in the U.S. Military Services. The ASVAB test score also throws light on the career choices a candidate can make apart from the Military Services.

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