ASVAB Test Online

Benefits of Online ASVAB Test

Why Take the ASVAB Exam?

The most important reason why people take the ASVAB exam is because they wish to join the U.S Armed Forces. The result of this test will determine whether or not you qualify for enlistment. Needless to say, if you have a higher score then your chances of getting selected for the U.S Armed Forces will also increase. The exam has two versions: the pen and paper version and the computer-based version. If you choose to take the computer-based version ( ASVAB test online), you will find it more convenient as it is less time-consuming as compared to the pen and paper version.

Online ASVAB

The CAT-ASVAB is an online Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test that has been created in such a way that the test taker will be able to take the exam with ease. The questions that are found here range from easy to very difficult questions. If the candidate cannot answer a question, then he will be given an easier question. If he answers a given question correctly, he will be presented with a more difficult question. Answering difficult questions can get you a higher score as compared to easier questions. If you are planning to take this exam, then you can always consider ASVAB test online as there are many advantages that you can enjoy when you opt for the online version.

Advantages of Taking ASVAB Online

  • The first advantage of taking the ASVAB test online is that it will allow you to finish the test faster than the pen and paper version.
  • The scoring of the exam will be done instantly as soon as you finish the subtests. As a result, it is possible for you to obtain your result immediately after the examination.
  • As the scoring is done by the system automatically, errors while correcting the questions are reduced to a great extent.
  • It is not necessary for the test taker to have knowledge about using a computer to take this test. The test has been created in such a way that an individual with no prior experience of using computers can use it to answer the test questions.
  • The instructions that will be given to you on the computer screen will be clear so that you will be able to completely understand what is expected of you.
  • All through the test, it is possible for you to move at a pace that you find comfortable. However, make sure that you finish each of the subtests within the specified time limit.
  • You will find a red 'Help' key on the computer keyboard, which you can use when you need another pencil to compute the math subtests answers in a working sheet or a scratch paper. When you press this key, the timing for the subtest that you are working on will stop until you get back to the questions again.
  • It is possible for you to get a higher score if you answer the difficult questions. This is because working on the difficult questions can get you higher scores as compared to the easier ones whose scores are lower.

All About Online ASVAB

In the ASVAB test online, you will find that there are ten subtests that you will have to take. These are as follows:

  1. General Science: Sixteen questions.
  2. Arithmetic Reasoning: Sixteen questions.
  3. Mathematics Knowledge: Sixteen questions.
  4. Word Knowledge: Sixteen questions.
  5. Paragraph Comprehension: Eleven questions.
  6. Electronics Information: Sixteen questions.
  7. Auto Information: Eleven questions.
  8. Assembling Objects: Sixteen questions.
  9. Shop Information: Eleven questions.
  10. Mechanical Comprehension: Sixteen questions.

The time within which you need to finish all the subtests is 154 minutes. All the questions will be multiple-choice questions and each question will have four answer options, from which you need to select the right answer.

To Conclude...

Taking the ASVAB test online is an option you can consider because it has many benefits. Once you have decided that this is an option that you would like to opt for, ensure you make necessary arrangements to register for the exam as soon as possible. You should also take out sufficient time to prepare for the examination. Ideally, preparing two months before the exam date would be a good idea.

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