ASVAB Test Locations

How does a test location affect your performance?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or the ASVAB is administered by the Department of Defenses, U.S. to select potential candidates for the U.S. Military Services. There are many ASVAB test locations distributed across the country to enable any U.S. citizen to take up the test. To understand about the different types of testing locations, one needs to have the basic knowledge about the test. Therefore, first a brief description of the test is given in this article.


The ASVAB is a multi-aptitude test. There are three versions of this test:

1. The CAT-ASVAB- This is the computer adaptive version of the test. There are 10 subtests in this version and the difficulty level of the test depends on the capability of the candidates; which means that each candidate gets a different set of questions. This version is taken up by candidates who want to get enlisted in the U.S. Military Services.

2. The P&P-ASVAB- This is the traditional paper and pencil version of the test. Here, 9 subtests are administered to the candidates and all the candidates receive the same set of questions. This version is also is taken up by those who want to join the U.S. Armed Services.

3. The Student ASVAB- The student version of the ASVAB is taken up by students to identify their aptitudes in different subjects and for career exploration purpose. There are eight subtests in this version and it is administered in the respective schools. The scores of this version can also be used for enlistment purposes if the test is taken up in the junior or senior year of the high school.

Testing Locations

There are typically three types of ASVAB test locations. The type of ASVAB test location you can opt for depends on the version of the test you want to take. These are:

1.MEPS-The Military Station Processing Stations conduct the ASVAB. MEPS are the Department of Defenses' joint-service organizations. The CAT-ASVAB version of the test is administered at these centers and there are 65 such ASVAB test locations across the U.S. The military recruiter after consultation with the candidate fixes a convenient test date with the MEPS.

2.MET Sites- MET or the Mobile Examination Team is the travelling team of MEPS. The paper version of the ASVAB can be taken up in these MET sites. Usually, the National Guard Armories are the designated locations and the test is given on a scheduled basis. Federal Office buildings and Reserve Centers may also be used as MET centers.

3.High School- The ASVAB is conducted in high schools for school students. Each school has a different set of testing dates and the school councilor can be contacted for further test details.

Selection of a Test Location

Selecting the right test center is a major task. While selecting one from the many available ASVAB test locations, many points have to be considered. If the following points are satisfied, then the particular testing center will be very comfortable for the candidate to take up the test.

1. Proximity of the testing location- The ASVAB test locations are available throughout the country. However, the location that is closest to the candidate's residence must be chosen as the test center. By choosing a location like this, you can save the travel time. Nevertheless, if there are no ASVAB test locations available in your city, then choose a center in a city that is closest to your city.

2. Accessibility of the testing location- The testing location you choose should be easily accessible. Sometimes, the testing center may be close but reaching that place may be difficulty. Therefore, it is better if such locations are avoided.

3. Type of test administered at the testing location- Preference of the version of the test for the candidates may be different. Hence, care must be taken in identifying a center that administers that particular version of the test.

4. Availability of the test date- Once a testing center is selected, the candidate must check if the date he/she is interested in taking up the test is available.

5. Comforts in the testing location- Seating arrangements may be more comfortable in some testing locations than in some others. Thus, you must try to get as much information about the testing location as possible.


The center that you choose from the many available ASVAB test locations should be comfortable for you in many ways. This way, you can concentrate on the test alone and get a good ASVAB score. Therefore, consider all the points mentioned above and select the ASVAB test center that is best suited for you.

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