ASVAB Test Guide

What are the Benefits of Preparing through Test Guides

The Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is a mandatory standardized test that is administered to all students who wish to join the Armed Forces. The ASVAB test assesses your capability in the areas of:

  • Arithmetic Skill
  • Technical Skill
  • Communication Skill

Although there are minimum scores specified for the test, you must aim to score high so that you get a job of your choice. Moreover, your high score can translate to a better enlistment bonus you receive when you join the Armed Forces. Therefore, it is imperative that you aim for a high score in all areas and prepare well for the ASVAB test.

Preparing for ASVAB

Preparing for the ASVAB test is easy if you have all the information available at hand. It is easy to score well if you prepare thoroughly through well-planned and consistent effort. That said, studying for ASVAB does not include any special syllabi nor does it require any extraneous preparation. All that is required for the ASVAB test is high-school level study. You must focus on the subjects taught to you in high-school. Your high-school fundamentals and concepts in Math/Arithmetic, English, and General Science must be clear enough to solve questions/problems. You might require additional help in the Technical or Spatial subjects.

Benefits of a Test Guide

A test guide is an immediate method of reference; you need not log in online or wait for your next class to have your doubts clarified. Most guides include chapters on concepts that you can look up for immediate reference.
An ASVAB test guide also includes strategies and tips you can use to solve problems. Most renowned publications have formulated their own study techniques and methods to solve questions. For example, Kaplan has devised the '3-step' and '4-step' strategy in its ASVAB test guide to help you solve questions faster.
It includes additional details such as:

  • Complete information about ASVAB: You can find out more about taking the test, where to take the test, finding a recruiter, preparing for the ASVAB, and so on.
  • What the rest of the procedure includes: The ASVAB test is not the only criteria required to enlist in the Armed Forces. There are the Physical and Weight standards, and other basic requirements; a test guide provides details of these requirements.
  • The scoring method: A table listing the range of scores.
  • The kind of jobs available for each score range: The jobs available for that score in each branch of the Armed Forces.
  • Expert advice: What to do, what not to do, and how to do it the correct way; you can get all the information from experts who have taken the test and served in the Armed Forces. They also offer career advice based on your interest in a particular field.

Selecting a Test Guide

Selecting an ASVAB test guide is an important step in preparing for the ASVAB test. No matter which mode of preparation you choose, classroom, self-study or online, an ASVAB test guide will always be handy. Ensure that you bear in mind the following

  1. Buy an ASVAB test guide from a reputed publication.
  2. Make sure that the book is of good quality. The fonts should be clear; the pages should not be damaged or blank, and the book should be bound well.
  3. If the cover of the guide states that it includes a CD-ROM, make sure that there is one.
  4. Read the Table of Contents to check whether the contents are segregated clearly into chapters; the Arithmetic section should be different from the section on Mathematical Knowledge.
  5. Check if there's a diagnostic test; you can see the 'before and after' effect of your preparation.
  6. Skim through the book to see whether the test guide includes figures and steps to solve questions.
  7. Make sure it includes at least three practice tests along with answers and explanatory notes.

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