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Must Have ASVAB Study Guides

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery refers to the test that is conducted at Military Entrance Processing Stations across the United States. This examination is conducted in two different modes:

  • Paper and Pencil
  • Computer

The primary objective of this ASVAB is to test the general abilities and aptitude of the applicants for joining military forces in The United States. The test is usually taken by high school and postgraduate students. There is no fixed pattern for this test although the applicants should have a wide variety of knowledge on those areas on which the test is based. In this article we will take a quick glance at the preparation that should be taken by the students for attaining success in this test to fulfill their desire of joining the Armed Forces. An ASVAB study guide provides guidance to the applicants who are supposed to take this test that is conducted annually.

Approach to ASVAB : General Preparation Strategies

Merely reading the study guides will not help the students until they take the practice or mock tests that will actually help them to strengthen their skills and allow them to perform the final test with confidence and conviction. Therefore, the choice of an ASVAB study guide is a vital decision. Let us first take a quick glimpse about the basic preparation methods that should be followed by those students who want to take ASVAB:

  • Each applicant should prepare for the test with the help of study guides that are genuine and strictly avoid outdated books and study materials.
  • The syllabus and the individual sections of the test should be followed from the question papers of the previous years.
  • Although consulting an ASVAB study guide is the best option for the students, it is necessary to take the mock tests in order to gauge the level of preparation and rework on those sections in which the marks obtained are not satisfactory.
  • Buying an ASVAB study guide is easy enough, but it is the responsibility of the applicants to consider only those books that comprise of useful content for performing well on the final day of the test.

The must have study guides for ASVAB

While the points that are stated above are about the general preparation methods, the following study guides should help you in achieving the best after putting your sweat and toil for taking this examination and joining the Armed Forces. The following points will showcase those study guides that you must not miss while preparing for ASVAB:

  • Kaplan ASVAB: When it comes to an ASVAB study guide, this is one of the most competent preparation materials, that is constantly updated. Moreover, this study guide includes 3 full length mock tests along with the answers, a comprehensive account of the mathematical concepts, review of the content on those subjects that are tested in ASVAB and and review of the the qualifying examination.
  • MC Graw Hill's ASVAB: This book or ASVAB study guide has been composed and developed by an ex member of the ASVAB team and consists of four sample tests along with answer explanations and the techniques for scoring well in Mathematic and Verbal Sections.
  • Barron's ASVAB Flash cards also lead to useful preparation for ASVAB. The questions are present in the front portion of the card and the answers can be located at the back portion. This is an interesting way of preparing for the Armed Forces Qualifying Test as compared to books.
  • The Best Test Preparation for ASVAB ( REA Test Preps ) consists of three practice tests covering the entire subjects and sections of ASVAB and comprehensive review of the same.


It is a foregone conclusion that success follows those who are sincere and prepared to put their best efforts as far as ASVAB is concerned. However, the competitive approach that surrounds this test also necessitate the requirement of an ASVAB study guide that provides an extra edge to the applicants who are preparing for this test.

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