Requirements from ASVAB Scores for the Navy

What Are ASVAB Scores for Navy

If you have decided to join the U.S Navy, then it is important for you to know that you should be mentally sharp, tough, physically fit and you should also have a high ASVAB score. This exam will test the ability of the candidate to learn as well as test his mental sharpness. Before you do anything else, it is important you take this examination because the score that you will obtain will be one of the deciding factors that will determine whether or not you are eligible to join this Service. So make sure that you prepare yourself in such a way that you can get high scores for joining the Navy. If your score is not very high, then you may be eligible for low score jobs such as that of a Journalist, Intelligence Specialist, Aviation Boatswain, etc. If you obtain a high score then you will be eligible for high score jobs such as machinist mate, missile technician, etc.

ASVAB Target Scores

The candidates will have to take the following subtests that form the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery exam:

  1. Word Knowledge ( WK )
  2. Mechanical Comprehension ( MC )
  3. Shop Information ( SI )
  4. Arithmetic Reasoning ( AR )
  5. Assembling Objects ( AO )
  6. Automotive Information ( AI )
  7. Mathematics Knowledge ( MK )
  8. General Science ( GS )
  9. Electronics Information ( EI )
  10. Paragraph Comprehension ( PC )
  11. Coding Speed (CS) {This test has to be requested at the MEPS and it should be included while calculating the ASVAB score}

In order to qualify for Navy, it is important that the candidates have the following scores

MC + GS +EI = At least 170
VE + MK + MC + CS = At least 220

* VE or Verbal Expression is the Scaled sum of WK+PC

Apart from this, it is important that the test taker has an AR + VE of 110 and the MC score should not be less than 50.

The AFQT score is a percentile score that ranges from 0-99. Candidates who wish to join the U.S Navy should have a target AFQT score of 35%. Before the year 2003, applicants who wanted to join active duty jobs required a score of 31% on AFQT but this has changed to 35% now. On the other hand, those who participate in the Reserve enlistment programs will still need to have a minimum score of 31%. Given below are some of the scoring requirements for different job positions:

  • Avionics Technician- 218 (AR + EI+ MK + GS)
  • Builder- 145 (AR + AS + MC)
  • Culinary Specialist- 88 (AR +VE)
  • Equipment Operator- 145 (AR + AS + MC)
  • Intelligence Specialist- 107 (AR+VE)
  • Submarine Electronics- 222 (VE +MK+AR +MC)

Navy Requirements

  • To be a part of the U.S Navy, it is important you meet the age limit. The candidate's age should be at least 17 years and no older than 34 years of age.
  • Generally, the Service will not allow an individual who has more than two dependents to be eligible for enlistment.
  • The applicant should have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • The applicant will have to undertake two urinalysis tests in the early phase of enlistment as the Navy has a no tolerance for dependence on alcohol or drugs.
  • If the candidate has a criminal record, then the Service will determine its severity before deciding whether he is eligible for enlistment or not.
If you wish to obtain high scores for Navy, it is important that you start preparing for the test as soon as possible. There is no substitute for preparation and if you think that preparing only few weeks in advance will be enough, then you are highly mistaken. In order to score high, you should have at least two to three months of preparation time. There are so many prep books in the market that can guide you when you are studying for the test. You will also find many websites that offer free sample tests that you can take. Hence, go ahead and start preparing to realize your navy dreams today!