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Books for Comprehensive Preparation for ASVAB

Preparing for the ASVAB requires consistent effort, more so, if you are opting for the self-study approach. You need the right kind of materials to help you prepare for the test. The study aid must include all the areas or sub-test topics tested in the ASVAB. The guide should also strengthen your concepts and provide enough practice tests to help you gauge your probable scores in the actual test.

Things to look for when selecting a book or study guide:

  • The ASVAB review guide must include concepts, explanations, sample questions, tips to answer such questions in the domains of English (for Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge) and Math (Mathematical Knowledge and Arithmetic Reasoning).
  • It should include enough practice tests and their answers, along with the scoring method so that you know how much you scored and the effort required thereafter.
  • Look for the quality of the book. It should not be ridden with errors and spelling mistakes, inadequate page numbering, missing pages, and so on.
  • The ASVAB review guide should include figures, especially in sections related to Math to facilitate understanding a topic in minimal time.
  • Make sure that it is published from a reputed publishing house or distinguished authors who are experts in standardized testing; also, so that you do not compromise on the quality of the material.

ASVAB for Dummies

This is a comprehensive study guide for preparing for the ASVAB. One of the best prep books around, it includes an array of practice tests to give you enough practice for the ASVAB. The first chapter describes the ASVAB, what the test is all about, retesting policies of the branches, and so on. It also explains what is required to ace the test with high scores and offers tips and strategies to tackle the ASVAB. The rest of the book is sectioned into chapters on individual topics, such as Arithmetic skills, Communication skills, and Technical skills. The last chapter of the book explains how you can improve your scores in your next attempt as well as the traps to avoid if you want to do well in the test. The Appendix includes ASVAB scores and the corresponding job. You can use this information to know whether you will qualify for the job you are interested in.

ASVAB by Kaplan

Kaplan is a reputed organization that publishes many books on standardized tests. It is one of the best rated books and is largely a popular choice for preparing for ASVAB. The Kaplan ASVAB review guide includes topics that explain the concepts in Math and English; both of which are important areas since the scores from these are calculated for the (AFQT) score. It also includes sections on General Science and other topics, such as Automotive, Electronics, which are important for your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or line scores.

The highlight of the ASVAB review guide is the Kaplan 3-step method to help you solve problems in Math:

  1. Read through the question.
  2. Decide whether to do it now.
  3. Look for the fastest way to answer the question.

It also includes nuggets of information such as 'Speed Tips' and 'Picking Numbers' that are very useful in working fast. The book also offers advice on taking the test; for example, it tells you that you should not waste time in pondering over a question and rather should move to the question you can answer. The topics are uniquely segregated for easy reading. There is enough clarity in the language; it is simple and easy to understand and is replete with examples.
Overall, it is a very good book if you can do justice to it by preparing beforehand and optimally using this book.

ASVAB by McGraw-Hill

McGraw-Hill is another reputed publisher of prep material for standardized tests. There are a series of prep books available for ASVAB. These range from general books imparting advice on joining the Armed Forces to more specific books that include practice tests. You will need to browse and select books according to your requirement. The ASVAB prep is a must-have book for every aspirant who wants to make it to the Armed Forces. The highlight of this book is the addition of advice from an ASVAB expert. It also includes practice tests, along with tips and strategies to help you crack the ASVAB test with a high score. There is also a version available with a CD-ROM, which is incredibly helpful if you plan to take the CAT-ASVAB because it simulates the test.

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