ASVAB Pretest

How can you take an ASVAB Pretest?

ASVAB is a multiple-choice test that intends to assess the capacity of a candidate for joining the United States Armed Forces. The test took off in the year 1968 and it is estimated that over 40 million applicants have taken the test since then. The test is usually taken by high school and post secondary students across the United States. ASVAB consists of nine sections and the duration of each is different, that ranges from ten to thirty six minutes. The following subjects are included in ASVAB:

  • General Science
  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Word Knowledge
  • Mathematics Knowledge
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Auto Information
  • Shop Information
  • Electronics Information
  • Assembling Objects
  • Mechanical Comprehension

The ASVAB test is one that does not follow a set pattern of questions except for the fact that the applicants are required to possess thorough skills on the subjects that are tested in this examination. The test is taken in two different modes:

  • Paper and Pencil
  • CAT - ASVAB or the computer administered test

There are four crucial subjects and their scores are included in Armed Forces Qualifying Test, which helps in determining whether an applicant has fulfilled the eligibility for enlistment in the U.S. Military Forces. The scores in other areas indicate whether a candidate is eligible to get a job in the military or help the applicants in career exploration. The preparation of a candidate is extremely important as far as taking ASVAB is concerned. In this respect ASVAB pretest is one of the best ways of evaluating the capacity of an applicant who intends to take the final examination for joining the Armed Forces.

The pretests for ASVAB: Overview

There are various methods of preparing for ASVAB and a majority of these preparation courses offer ASVAB pretest. Those candidates who are willing to take these tests are supposed to enroll for the study programs that include full length practice tests that offer a preview of the final examination. Let us explore the courses that offer ASVAB pretest for applicants:

  • Kaplan's ASVAB On Demand Course: This course by Kaplan continues for three months through which the students can access the practice tests that are conducted under real test conditions. The questions that are asked in Kaplan's ASVAB pretest are most prudent and the applicants can avail the benefit of quizzes and other practice materials. Besides this, the test takers will get an opportunity to get complete assessment of their performances and get answer explanation for every question.
  • The Ultimate ASVAB Practice Pack: This is another way in which the test takers can take the advantage of ASVAB pretest. This pack includes three full length practice tests along with answer explanations and infinite access to ASVAB Online Practice Center. The applicants can also get access to over 2000 questions and view their AFQT and the scores of the subtest. Taking this pretest will allow them to prepare for the final examinations by tracking the scores.
  • Your Total ASVAB Solution: This is another opportunity for the applicants of ASVASB to take the ASVAB pretest. There is a book in this pack that contains a diagnostic test along with three full length practice tests that are based on the original structure of the final examination. These tests also provide the system of analyzing the scores instantly that allow the students to focus on their weaknesses so that there are chances of improvement for obtaining better scores.
  • Mc Graw Hill's ASVAB: This is another prominent guide for ASVAB that will allow the student to take the benefit of ASVAB pretest. The guide comprises of four practice tests and answer explanations for the questions focusing on Verbal and Mathematics section that must be cleared in order to qualify for enlistment.

What is ASVAB pretest and its significance?

An ASVAB pretest is a practice test that is offered to the applicants and required for the preparation of the final examination that is held annually for all those applicants who are keen to join the military services in the United States. Taking a pretest is important for the candidates because of the following reasons:

  • The applicants of ASVAB must have sufficient preparation for this test as there is no formal pattern that is followed in the final examination.
  • The pretest represents the scoring capacity of the applicants in AFQT and the subtests.
  • The applicants are able to take complete advantage of constant practice with the help of pretests or practice exams.
  • The confidence of every applicant can be enhanced by taking the practice tests that are held under the realistic test conditions.
  • Taking a pretest also allows the applicants to measure their capacity to maintain the time that is allotted for each section of the test.

The practice tests or pretests for ASVAB are significant because they allow every applicant to have better opportunities for scoring well in the final examinations.

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