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Top 5 sources of ASVAB prep help

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or the ASVAB, tests the aptitude of the examinees in the Science and Technology, Math, Verbal and Spatial domains. It is a very important test, as the scores in this test take you one step closer to getting enlisted in the U.S. Military Services. Due to the importance of this test, one needs to prepare very well for it. The best sources for ASVAB preparation and ASVAB prep tests are described below.

ASVAB Preparation

All the questions in the ASVAB pertain to the high school level curriculum. Therefore, one needs to be strong in the basic principles of the four domains of the ASVAB test. Many online ASVAB prep tests are available to help candidates prepare for the test. At the same time, books are also available for students to prepare for this test.

The preparation of the test has to be systematic and all the principles and concepts must be learnt thoroughly. Most importantly, examinees have to practice as many preparatory tests as possible.

Since, there are two versions of the test available, the Computerized ASVAB (CAT-ASVAB) and the Paper and Pencil ASVAB (P&P-ASVAB); the candidates have to decide on which version they will be appearing for. The preparation for both the versions is almost the same but the strategies one needs to apply are different. Therefore, if one decides on the version early, he/she can hone his/her strategy skills accordingly.

Help for ASVAB Preparation

As for any test, there are mainly two methods for the preparation of ASVAB. They are,

  • Self-study
  • Contact classes


For this method of preparation, one has to collect good ASVAB guides and search for good ASVAB prep tests available online. The main advantage in this method is that, the candidate can prepare at his/her own pace. The major drawback is that, one has to be very sincere and systematic in preparation. If not, he/she may not be able to prepare as per the pre decided schedule.

Contact Classes

There are many contact classes available for candidates to join and prepare for the test. The schedule is drafted by the tutors and the candidates have to just follow the recommended schedule. The major advantage of this method is that, the candidates need not waste time in identifying books and online prep tests. All these materials will be given by the prep classes itself. The disadvantage in this method is that there will be many students in a class and for those who cannot prepare well in a classroom setting; it could be a difficult experience.

Best Sources for ASVAB Help

The best sources of ASVAB help can be broadly categorized into study guides and practice tests. Here we shall see about both these types of sources:

1. The Official ASVAB Site -

This is the official website of the ASVAB. This site has all the information about the test and sample questions for each of the subtests of the ASVAB. All these sample questions are real questions that have appeared in the ASVAB in the previous years.


This is the largest military membership organization. They have ASVAB prep tests available in their website. Two versions of the test; a short version and a full version are available. In each of the versions, there are 3 tests that you can take.

3. ASVAB for Dummies

This ASVAB study guide offers in-depth material on all the different subtests of the ASVAB. Complete explanation is given for all the questions. Tips on how to identify your weaknesses and develop your test taking skills are also provided in this book. The positives and negatives of the 2 formats of ASVAB - the paper and the computer - are also explained. There are four full length practice tests in this book. All the subtests are equally covered in this study guide. This book is available at It is priced at $9.88 for a paperback edition and $10.59 for the kindle edition.

4. ASVAB Basics

This ASVAB study guide contains extensive drills and exercises for the four subjects that are used for the AFQT score. These subjects are Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge. This book also helps you sharpen your test taking skills. This book is available at and is priced at $3.99 for a paperback edition. One can also find the old copies of this study guide in the market at lower rates.

5. Kaplan ASVAB

For anyone preparing for the ASVAB, Kaplan ASVAB offers a comprehensive study guide. In this book, all the subtests are reviewed in detail and the information about the test is also given in the book. 3 full-length practice tests are provided in this book with answers and full answer explanations. Alongside, an overview of important concepts in math, a vocabulary word list and strategies to take the test are added, which is a very big advantage. This book is also available at It is priced at $9.87 for a paperback edition and $6.61 for the kindle edition.


The top 5 of the ASVAB prep help materials have been listed here in this article. Both the ASVAB prep tests and ASVAB study guides are important for the preparation. You must prepare well using the above materials and get a good score in the ASVAB. After all, only a good score will help you get enlisted in the U.S. Military Services

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