ASVAB Prep Course

5 Benefits That an ASVAB Prep Course Must Have

ASVAB scores are significantly important for military aspirants. Though ASVAB does not really need any extra coaching for preparing, it is always wise to go over the core areas and be sure of yourself. You can join a prep program or do self-study for ASVAB preparation. If planning to join a prep course, here is a list of the three popular ASVAB prep course programs available currently.

ASVAB Testing - How to Prepare Yourself?

The Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a battery of timed aptitude tests used to decide the eligibility of candidates for US military enlisting and for classifying selected candidates into appropriate job roles. Many a times, the test is also used as a career exploration tool by high school and senior school students. For more information on ASVAB, refer to the official ASVAB websites:

The ASVAB test consists of multiple choice questions from high school/college level Maths, Science, and English areas. Therefore, a good grasp of the core topics at school/college level is what is required, for performing well in the test. At the same time, revising your core subjects, particularly focusing on any weak areas and practising sample questions could be the best possible method to prepare yourself. The best place to start off your preparation would be the official websites for ASVAB. You can also find plenty of other online and offline materials, guides, and practice tests in addition to many an ASVAB prep course programs.

ASVAB Prep Courses - How Are They Beneficial?

As for any other competitive tests, prep courses are important in ASVAB preparation, as well. Compared against other ASVAB preparation methods, an ASVAB prep course offers the following advantages:

  • Unlike other prep materials or practice tests that focus on only one or two areas of testing, an ASVAB prep course, generally, offers a more comprehensive package that constitutes of all required elements for test preparation, including a pre test, overview information about the test, guides, review materials, practice tests and real-time or online interactions with peers and instructors. Moreover, you can also look for prep courses on particular areas, for example, Mathematics, if you need so.
  • For some people, self-study may not just work out, however good the materials they are having with themselves. Having an instructor guiding you through and working with you would be ideal for these people. An ASVAB prep course is the best ASVAB preparation method for this kind of candidates.
  • Also, having a peer group benefits some of us; many live/online prep programs offer you this benefit of enjoying the company of a peer group.
  • Some of the ASVAB prep courses are available online these days, and thus help you get all the benefits of a formal coaching class, without the hassles of travelling here and there.
  • Some of these also offer highly customized materials/programs that can benefit each candidate's style of preparation.

In short, these are some of the benefits you can look at while choosing an ASVAB prep course.

Reviews of ASVAB Prep Programs

Here is a list of three prominent ASVAB prep courses available today:

1. ASVAB On Demand Course ( From one of the giants in the test prep industry, Kaplan, this is a paid, online course that offers customized materials and schedules for your individual ASVAB preparation needs. Authenticity is one of the biggest advantages of this course; and the course content includes review lessons, practice tests, interactive flashcards, and quizzes to give you all required information about and for the ASVAB test. Plus, once registered and paid, the course materials are accessible to you all time, 24/7 for three months. This is one of those programs available today that provides you with the most real-like questions and practice test conditions. This ASVAB prep course is considered worth the money for $49.00.

2. Peterson's Online Course for the ASVAB ( This is a paid course available online that comes to you with different kinds of prep materials including lessons, flashcards, activities, quizzes, and practice tests. This is one of those online courses that help you start your test preparation with a pre ASVAB test, thus enabling you to understand your abilities, and weak points better, in advance. Also, the course path is customized based on your pre test scores, to provide you with necessary information on strategies and focus areas. The course is available to you at a price of $195.00.

3. ASVAB Prep Course from Hollywood Tutoring & Testing Center ( This ASVAB prep course is available both online and as a live class at Hollywood, CA. The program contents include custom lectures, exercises, text books, 8-hour class room lectures (in case of live program). The course costs you around $99.00.

It should be noted that this is not a comprehensive or representative list of prep courses available for ASVAB preparation, but only of selected ASVAB prep programs. You can find more resources online and offline. Whenever choosing an ASVAB prep course, however, be sure that you are selecting a program that best suits your individual needs, fits your budget, and provides authentic materials.

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