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7 essentials of a good ASVAB prep book

A good ASVAB prep book is extremely important, because books are akin to weapons when it comes to winning a battle. The better and sharper the weapons, the easier it is to win a battle. But how do you choose the best ASVAB prep book from the plethora of books available in the market? How do you decide where to buy the book from? Do you look for a used book, or should you always go for the latest edition? To add to the confusion, it's not just physical books that vie for your attention these days, there is also the online market place that bombards you with choices.

Here's a checklist of Do's and Don'ts when it comes to selecting a good ASVAB prep book.


1) Always get the latest edition: This is an obvious but often overlooked tip. For instance, Kaplan changes every year based on recent trends in tests or significant changes in sections. Buying the latest version simply reduces surprises and keeps anxiety to a minimum.

2) Ask the recruiter: Do not be afraid to ask the recruiter to suggest a book to learn from. If you get lucky, there might be a book that's waiting for you on your recruiter's desk.

3) Always look for books that are from good publishers: Try to ask old test takers what books they have read from, or missed having read. Sometimes, trends indicate that questions appear from Peterson for 2-3 years, and then Barons or Kaplan might take its place. If you know which publisher clicked last time, you have greater chances of succeeding by reading from books from that publisher.


1) Don't trust magic 24 hour books: Don't judge a book by the cover. An attractive title can often disguise a badly written book. Do not trust books that promise instant increase in ability or percentile. For example, a book titled "How to score 99.99 percentile in ASVAB in less than 24 hours" might not be a safe bet. A good publisher like the one for the Dummies series makes learning fun and interesting.

2) Don't push your luck: Be open to suggestions instead of blindly trusting your luck and only studying from one book. If you find that the math section of Kaplan is more suited to you than the Math section of Peterson, do not hesitate to switch tactics. Remember that you decide which ASVAB prep book best suits your method of study.

3) Don't get discouraged: If you find a book that's too advanced, do not give up studying altogether. Get hold of a book that addresses the basics. If you find a book too elementary, try to look for a book that challenges you.

4) Don't think you cannot 'prepare' for aptitude tests: In today's competitive age, preparing hard is important, and every wrong answer can push you back significantly. It is important to get a good ASVAB prep book based on your abilities.

Finally, here's a brief overview of each ASVAB prep book that is making the waves in the market today.

1) Kaplan's ASVAB: 'Kaplan ASVAB' by Kaplan is an all time popular ASVAB Prep Book among test takers that like to brush up their basics and advance slowly but surely. Paperback versions are available, and Kaplan has been in the business for quite some time making it a trustworthy and a safe read. Pick this one if you don't want to be too ambitious.

2) ASVAB for Dummies: This ASVAB prep book makes learning fun and easy. Do not mistake this book for lacking in seriousness. Many success stories seem to be based on this book, which creatively makes its points with short useful tips and techniques to crack the ASVAB.

3) McGraw-Hill's ASVAB: This book is a complete book written by a former member of the ASVAB team. You can't go wrong here. It contains chapter's right from choosing your discipline to tips to ace the test. This ASVAB prep book is recommended if you are looking to score high, since the practice questions are of an advanced level.

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