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5 Tips for Selecting the Best ASVAB Online Course

The ASVAB test is a standardized test to measure the ability of candidates to join the Armed Forces. The online medium is one of the most popular ways to prepare for the ASVAB test. There are many ASVAB online courses that are available on the internet. However, not every course that you find may be effective to help you in preparing for the test. Therefore, you must select your ASVAB online course wisely.

Selecting an ASVAB Online Course

It is important to select an ASVAB online course that will equip you with the right information and knowledge about the ASVAB test. Though there are many courses available, you need to be selective in choosing a course. The following are a few important facts that are to be considered when selecting an ASVAB online course:

1. Make sure that the course is popular and belongs to a reputed organization

Selecting a course from a reputed organization ensures that you are getting professional training from people who know what the test is about and have experienced it themselves. An organization that is devoted to imparting courses for ASVAB are well experienced and know exactly what needs to be taught, the subjects to focus on, the test-taking techniques and strategies, and so on. They can also detect your difficulties and know about the subject areas where you need help.

2. Be aware about the subjects taught and the duration of the course

Ensure that you know about the subjects being taught and the course you want to sign up for. Some online courses offer a package wherein all the subjects are covered whereas others offer individual courses. You can opt for either course based on your requirement.

3. The ASVAB online course should supplement the course with other reading material

Most online courses provide extra materials to supplement the course. The reading materials are in the form of slide presentations (ppts) and Word documents that can be used for reference purposes. These materials are written by in-house tutors of the organization and thus make for good reading.

4. Tutors should be available online at specific hours if not at all times

This is an important factor because as your preparation progresses, you will have many queries. Most of these queries are best solved by tutors rather than trying to solve them on your own. Although it is not possible for tutors to be available at all or odd hours, they can be present at specific hours during which you can log in and have your queries answered.

5. The online course should be pocket-friendly

Online courses can be expensive; however, you can ensure that you do not spend a lot on these courses. Check that you are receiving enough training hours for the price that you are paying. However, the price also depends on other aspects such as provision of reading material, access to tutors and so on.

Peterson's Online Course for the ASVAB

Peterson's is a renowned organization that imparts tutorials for ASVAB. The course is priced at $195 and includes the following:

  • Lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Flashcards
  • Activities
  • Practice tests

It provides personalized attention and instruction. Peterson's online prep course begins with a pre-test to determine your level of knowledge so that you know which areas you need to focus on. For more information about the courses offered by Peterson's, visit

Your Teacher

Your Teacher offers online courses tailored to your requirement. It focuses mostly on ASVAB Math rather than all the subjects. Thus, if you need specific help in Math, this is the best course to avail. It has a very methodical approach in teaching you about Math. All the concepts or fundamentals about Math are explained first and thereafter practice tests are administered to check your progress.
For more information about the courses offered by Your Teacher, visit

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan is a well-known and popular name in coaching for ASVAB. The course is available in an easy-to-use format because you access the course from your personalized student homepage at your convenience. It is also flexible because you can access the course any time you want. Moreover, practice tests are administered under test conditions.
For more information about the courses offered by Kaplan, visit

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