How to Select an ASVAB Prep Source

Preparation for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) requires dedication and consistent effort. One of the characteristics required of a candidate eager to enter the military services is discipline. Among other characteristics, the importance of effort and thorough preparation cannot be undermined.

Selecting a Mode of Preparation:

Preparation is the key to acing the ASVAB. Although there are many ways to prepare for the ASVAB, your action plan must be well-thought over and planned. You must first decide about your requirements; whether you have enough information about the test, information about what to prepare and how to prepare it, and so on. You can then decide about how to prepare for the test.
It is a good idea to get ASVAB help in order to prepare for the test. There are many resources available to aid you in your preparation. Each mode depends on how well you know the exam as well as your caliber.

  • The self study option is mostly used by students who are confident of taking the test and have all the information about the test. These students know about the areas tested, the scoring points, the minimum or average scores and other important information. Books, study guides, and online resources can be used as ASVAB help resources.
  • Classroom prep courses provide ASVAB help by providing study material while guiding you through subjects. There are many advantages of classroom prep:
    • Your queries are resolved immediately
    • Effective group study
    • Concepts are explained better by experts
  • The online medium of preparation is fast gaining popularity due to the Computerized ASVAB (CAT-ASVAB). An increasing number of candidates are opting for the CAT-ASVAB as compared to the Paper-and Pencil (P&P ASVAB) based test. An abundance of websites provides enough information for ASVAB help.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

1.What is ASVAB?

ASVAB is a standardized test that measures your aptitude to enter the US military services.

2. How is it administered; which mode will I be comfortable with?

ASVAB is administered through 2 modes: P&P-ASVAB and CAT-ASVAB. If you are comfortable with using a computer, you might want to opt for the CAT-ASVAB. However, you cannot review your submitted answers in the CAT-ASVAB.

3. What are the subjects tested in the exam?

A variety of subjects are tested along with the basic skills of English and Math. For a detailed list of subjects, see the Official ASVAB website:

4. How many sub-tests are there?

The CAT-ASVAB includes 10 sub-tests and the P&P-ASVAB includes 9 sub-tests.

5. What are the minimum scores required to enlist in the services?

The minimum scores are relative because the bar is raised every year due to candidates' outperforming each year. Also, due to the sheer number of candidates appearing for the test, there is tough competition. As a result, it is not good to aim for the minimum score or the average score; you must aim beyond the average. The minimum scores for each branch are as follows: Army 31, Navy 35, Air Force 36, Air National Guard 31, Army National Guard 40, Marines 32, and Coast Guard 40.

6. How should I prepare for the test?

This is an important question.

  • If you have a group of friends who are attempting the test, you might want to study with them.
  • If you have time, you can opt for classroom sessions to begin afresh, clarify concepts, and gain practice.
  • Online mode is better if you cannot dedicate a fixed time for classroom study.
  • If you are well acquainted with the test, you can even opt for self study.

7. Subjects to focus on; what are my strengths and weak areas?

Strengthen your strong points and build on your weak areas. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned when you prepare for the test. For example, if Math is a weak area, understand the concepts and their applicability before you begin attempting questions.

8. Do I need help in preparing?

Take a test run; attempt a timed test under exam conditions to gauge your current aptitude. If you score below average, you will need help in preparing for ASVAB.

9. If yes, which mode would be beneficial; will it fit into my daily work/study schedule; do I have the time to attend?

Talk to tutors, parents, and friends to help you choose a mode of preparation. Look at your schedule to see whether it is feasible for you to fit it in with your selected mode of study. For example, if you are working and want to opt for classroom prep, check whether the classroom is close to you and whether it suits your timings, else you'd be wasting time in travelling and return exhausted.


Preparation for ASVAB requires holistic groundwork; both physical and mental. The physical aspect tests your endurance to pursue active service whereas mental (ASVAB) tests your ability to make the correct decisions on the field. Finding ASVAB help need not be a daunting task if you have thought out your requirements carefully. After you identify your method of approach all that is required is effort and enthusiasm to crack the exam with high scores.

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