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Benefits of Using E-Books for ASVAB Study

If you are an aspiring candidate for the ASVAB, there are plenty of ASVAB prep materials available that can help you gear up for the exam. These include classroom programs, study guides, websites, practice tests, pre tests, and books. Here is an article that focuses on ASVAB book online; along with a list of three ASVAB e-books that are quite popular.

E-Books for ASVAB Preparation

ASVAB is a battery of multiple tests that help evaluate the examinees' abilities and skills in the core areas of English, Mathematics, and General and Technical Science. The test battery is used by the various branches of US armed forces to decide applicants' eligibility into military enlisting and for classification purpose ( As such, the ASVAB test does not endorse or may require any specific training or preparation programs for you to score well. However, it is always wise to go over the core course areas at high school/colleges level, get some practice, and be prepared for the test. Plenty of prep courses and review and practice materials also exist to help you do well in the test, including many an ASVAB book online.

E-books, as we know, have many advantages over traditional books. If planning to buy an ASVAB prep book, learn the benefits of e-books here:

  • Instantaneous Availability: When you buy an ASVAB book online for preparation, the book is immediately available for download to your e-reader, PC, laptop, or any other suitable gadget. Unlike, a traditional book, you need not wait for it to be delivered or go and purchase one physically.
  • Portability: Unlike traditional books, e-books for ASVAB preparation can be carried along with you wherever you go. You can also store hundreds of e-books in a single device, and can use them at leisure.
  • Multimedia Content and Interactivity: When buying an ASVAB book online, you are purchasing different kind of a content that includes video, audio, animation, graphics and so on. As against traditional books, an e-book can enhance your ASVAB preparation with a variety of materials that serve different purposes and have highly interactive content. An e-book can also be printed and used, if required.
  • Availability of Materials in Electronic Format: Almost all good prep books these days are available in electronic as well as print formats. A CD-version of the book is available with most print books, as well.
  • Competitive Pricing: An ASVAB book online is priced almost as same as its print counterpart. There is no significant difference between the electronic and traditional formats. So, why not get the electronic version that can be used in different ways? In addition, you may also get many a free ASVAB book online these days.

Read on find a list of three popular e-books for ASVAB preparation:

Reviews of ASVAB Books Online

As we know, plenty of ASVAB prep books are available in electronic format these days. These include titles with a comprehensive coverage, books on specific subject areas, just practice tests and pre tests, titles on test strategies and test overview, study guides, etc.

  1. ASVAB for Dummies by Rod Powers ( - The premier edition of the book is available as an e-book as well as in the print version. This book includes in-detail reviews of all core subtest areas, with exercises, questions and answers, and tips to improve your test-taking skills. Six online practice tests and interactive vocabulary builder flashcards are also available. In addition, links to external resources like a database of various military jobs with corresponding ASVAB score requirements are also a part of this ASVAB book online. You can purchase this comprehensive resource at a price of $13.86 onwards.
  2. ASVAB in a Nutshell from Wiley ( - This PDF book is helpful in understanding the important aspects of ASVAB test, like the versions, the test content, the AFQT score, and retesting policies. If you are looking for basic to advanced information on the various aspects of ASVAB test, this is a book you cannot miss. Though this ASVAB book online does not offer any help for test taking, it aids in understanding about the test in detail. The e-book is available for free download from the Wiley website.
  3. Mc Graw Hill's ASVAB Basic Training for the AFQT ( - This e-book from Mc Graw Hill, written by Dr. Wall is considered a vital guide to ASVAB aspirants with excellent tips and strategies in addition to comprehensive content for AFQT. This book includes review materials, drills, and inside information on the minimum line score requirements for specific military job roles.

The list given here is in no way comprehensive and includes only selected ASVAB e-books. You can find more resources online. However, whenever using prep materials, ensure that you are using materials that fit your specific needs for ASVAB preparation.

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