The ASSET Test

ASSET Test - A Brief Overview

Developed by ACT, the ASSET is a group of placement tests that help you work towards your academic program success at the post-secondary level. These tests are designed to help you and your institution realize your strengths and knowledge levels, and accordingly choose programs that logically build on your existing skills and abilities. Learn more about the test of ASSET and its importance in this article.

What Is the ASSET Test?

The ASSET is a series of paper and pencil-based tests that serve as placement measures for schools. There are different tests that evaluate the basic and advanced skills; in addition, institutions may include up to five additional tests as part of the series. An Educational Planning Form provided with the test helps institutions also understand about your educational needs and goals. Here is a list of important facts about this placement test series:

  • Depending on the requirements and regulations of the institution, you may be asked to take up one or more ASSET tests. While some institutions require students to take this test before enrolling, some others administer the test to those who have already admitted.
  • It has no passing scores. All scores are considered an indication of the students' strengths and any weaker areas, where they might need further help to improve.
  • The scores of ASSET help institutions decide the most appropriate course for you based on your strengths and by working on your weaker areas, if any.
  • Not all test takers take all the series tests available; based on your program requirements and the requirements of the institution, you may be administered only relevant tests. The Basic Skills tests are the commonly administered ones.
  • The tests of ASSET are all timed. Whichever test you may take, you get 25 minutes to complete it.

For more details about the test, you may refer to the official website ( The student guide available online is yet another useful resource that can provide valuable information about this test (

The ASSET Test - Sections, Content, and Question Types

As mentioned earlier, there are different levels of tests included in the test series of ASSET.

  • The Basic Skills tests measure the basic skills of test takers in the core areas of Writing, Reading and Numerical skills.
  • The Advanced tests are in the core areas of Mathematics like:
    • Elementary Algebra
    • Intermediate Algebra
    • College Algebra
    • Geometry
  • The additional tests may include:
    • English essay (writing sample)
    • Chemistry
    • ACT Assessment

Whatever test you take, for the basic and advanced level tests, all questions are of multiple-choice type only. However, the number of questions included in each of the tests varies as follows:

  • Writing Skills - 36 items
  • Reading Skills - 24 items
  • Numerical Skills - 32 items
  • Advanced Mathematics tests (all the four) - 25 items each

The test content for the various Basic and Advanced tests are as given below:

  • While the Writing Skills test tries to evaluate the candidates' understanding of grammatical rules, syntax, punctuation, writing strategy and style; the Reading Skills test checks the candidates' abilities at reading comprehension and logical inference. Examinees' skills and knowledge levels in arithmetic are what tested in the Numerical Skills test. Basic operations with decimals and fractions are included in the test content along with those using whole numbers. Pre-Algebra concepts like the understanding of prime numbers, scientific notation, square roots and absolute values are also included in the Numerical Skills test.

  • In the Advanced Math section, the Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra tests try to assess the Algebra skills acquired in high school classes like working with expressions, equations, and polynomials, factoring, graphing, calculating slope and distance. The College Algebra test, on the other hand, evaluates college-level Algebra understanding and skills at working with complex number operations, exponential functions, factorials, etc. The Geometry test checks the test takers' skills at high-school level Geometry class topics including principles and formulae related to squares, triangles and other geometric shapes.

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