Math Test of ASSET

What Should You Study For Math ASSET Test?

Math test of ASSET gauges your ability and skills level that you have gained in your school years. This is an important test because; based on these scores, the courses you can opt for in the post-secondary years would be decided.

Sections in the Test

The math test of ASSET tests your mathematical ability at two levels: Basic and Advanced.

  • Basic Mathematical Skills
    • Numerical Skills
  • Advanced Mathematical Skills
    • Elementary Algebra
    • Intermediate Algebra
    • College Algebra
    • Geometry

Numerical Skills

This test is planned to evaluate basic mathematical skills like performance of operations with whole numbers, decimals and fractions. It also assesses your basic word problem solving skills. Broadly, two categories are tested here and they are Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra. The Arithmetic portion comprises of 78% of the test items while the Pre-Algebra comprises of 22%.

Elementary Algebra

The skills learnt in the first high school algebra course are tested here. The areas tested are:

  • Evaluation of algebraic expressions
  • Simplification of algebraic expressions
  • Solution of linear equations
  • Operations with polynomials
  • Solution of quadratic equations
  • Integer exponents
  • Rational expressions

Intermediate Algebra

Skills acquired in a second high school algebra course are evaluated here. The areas tested are:

  • Solutions of polynomial equations by factoring
  • Graphs of linear equations
  • Solution of linear inequalities
  • The distance formula
  • Operations with radical and rational expressions
  • Slope of a line
  • Simplification of radicals

College Algebra

The knowledge gained in a pre-calculus course is assessed here. The areas tested are:

  • Exponential functions
  • Factorials
  • Linear inequalities
  • Composition of functions
  • Operations with complex numbers
  • Inverses of functions
  • Graphs of polynomials


The knowledge and skills gained in a high school geometry course are evaluated here. The areas tested include:

  • Circles
  • Line
  • Squares
  • Other geometrical shapes

Preparation for the Test

Preparation for this test is crucial because mathematics is a subject that needs constant revision. If you do not have constant practice, you would forget the concepts and formulae you have gained. At the same time, if you brush up the subject everyday, you would perform very well in the math test. Another thing you should remember is that many good students have performed badly in the test because they did not prepare well for the test and hence, a sincere and thorough preparation is essential.

All the questions in the test pertain to what you have learnt in your school years. Moreover, there are many good math study guides available which can be used for the preparation.

A Few Concluding Points...

  • Calculators are allowed for the advanced skills test but not for the basic skills test
  • Most students take up only the basic skills test
  • If you want to take up advanced math courses, then you have to take up the advanced level tests
  • There is no 'passing score' in this test but for each course, there would be a minimum cut-off that you need to attain to get enrolled
  • This is a simple test and with a good preparation, you can attain high scores in it.