Free Study Guide for ASSET Test

Advantages of Studying from ASSET Test Study Guides

The ASSET test is a group of shorter placement tests conducted by the ACT. The results of these tests are accepted over 400 colleges. The basic purpose of this test is to provide a link between the student needs and the college courses. It is designed for placing students into appropriate level college courses. There are three basic skills that are tested in this test:

  1. Writing Skills,
  2. Reading Skills and
  3. Mathematical Skills.

How to Prepare for the ASSET Test

There is no dearth of study materials available for preparation for ASSET. However, the best resource, perhaps, would be a free study guide. This is because it will give you the most accurate information on the test and it will be easily available on the official website of the ACT or on that of the college you are aiming for.

Additionally, many other study guides are also available in the market. There are many websites on the internet that help in practice exercises and drills. A combination of all these resources would be the best way to prepare for the test.

Free ASSET Test Study Guide

A number of colleges publish their own free study guides for ASSET test. You can go to the website of the college you wish to join in order to view or download these. From the home page or by clicking on a link, you will able to download the study guide. This will be a free download. The guides are usually in form of a PDF file and contain the following features:

  1. A detailed description of the ASSET test, its content structure and its purpose.
  2. A list of question types that appear in each of the three sections.
  3. A number of solved examples on each question type.
  4. Strategies for excelling in this test.

Additionally, the website of the particular college that you have chosen will also have a separate study guide in case you wish to take up the advanced skills test of ASSET. This will also be downloadable and will be a free study guide. (;

List of Some Useful Study Guides for the ASSET Test

  1. ASSET Exam Secrets Study Guide

    This material is not free. However, it is an excellent source of material and information. The advantage about using this guide is that it is written by experts in this test. A lot of research has been undertaken to build the course content of this book. Specific content areas and many essential skills are highlighted in this study guide. Thus, it is guaranteed to deliver the desired results, provided you prepare well using it.

    The cost of the paperback version of this guide is 39.99$. You can either order it online or you can purchase it from your nearby bookstore. (

  2. College Placement Test Guide (By Academic Success Media)

    This guide is also available on the internet shopping websites such as ( This is not a free guide and costs 24.99$ on the internet. It comes with enough practice questions and their respective solutions. A lot of tips and strategies are explained in it for the different skills that are tested on the ASSET such as sentence skills, reading comprehension, arithmetic, algebra and college-level mathematics.

    This study guide explains the format of the entire test step-by-step. Each practice question is followed by its answer and detailed answer explanation. The concepts behind each question type are also described. For instance, grammatical concepts, pronoun errors, methods to approach the reading comprehension passages, basic trigonometry etc.

    There is another guide (Cliffnotes Math Review) from the same publishing house that is specifically designed for the advanced Mathematics skills.

  3. Apex Study Guide

    This guide is available for order at the website of Apex ( It is an independently researched study guide for ASSET. However, it is not a free guide. It is available at a special low price of 19.99$ at the above mentioned link. There are many reasons why this guide would prove helpful to you:

    1. It will help you to get the test result you wish to achieve.
    2. It has been helping numerous test-takers for many years.
    3. The content is up-to-date and is according to the latest format.
    4. It contains enough practice material for each section.

Advantages of Studying from ASSET Test Study Guides

  1. Firstly, these guides have been prepared after a lot of valuable and useful research on the test. Hence, these will give you the true information regarding the test and its contents.
  2. Secondly, you can find a free study guide on the website of the particular college in which you want to enroll. Such a study guide would contain valuable information on question types and would also provide some sample questions.
  3. Thirdly, these guides give you an excellent idea of what the actual test of ASSET looks like. Thus, by using these, your preparation is carefully channeled into the right direction.

Finally, it can be concluded that the study guides for ASSET  are an excellent way of preparing for the test and there are many guides available for you to choose from. However, this choice should always be made after careful analysis of the books and one's personal requirements.

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