Scoring in ASSET Test

Utility of ASSET Test Scores

It is a well-known fact that ASSET by ACT Inc. is not a competitive test; higher scores do not guarantee you admission into any academic program. However, the test scores are still important as they help students as well as institutions make informed and factual decisions related to academic programs. Learn more about the utility of the scores here.

The ASSET Test

Before looking into the scores, let us begin with understanding of what this test is and why is it conducted.

  • It is a series of placement tests at basic and advanced levels. They cover the essential skills and topics of reading, writing, Arithmetic, and core Mathematics. Additional tests on Chemistry, Essay writing etc. could be included based on the institutions' requirements.
  • Institutions choose the tests to be administered for each student, based on their program requirements.
  • The purpose of this test is to analyze the strengths and shortcomings of students from an academic perspective and accordingly help determine/suggest the most appropriate programs for each of them.
  • All the basic and advanced ASSET tests are timed and take 25 minutes each to complete. The time limit ensures that all candidates get the same amount of time to answer the questions.

For more information on this placement test, you may refer to the official website (

The ASSET Test Scores and Score Reporting

As we have seen, there are different Basic and Advanced Skills tests that might be included in the test. Each of the test questions are carefully designed to cover the basic and essential skills and knowledge levels in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and core Algebra and Geometry topics. To be aligned with the non-competitive nature and the evaluative purpose of the test, the scoring process includes two important features:

  • The test has no passing scores set. Any scores are accepted as an objective and accurate reflection of the test takers' abilities. However, institutions may have their own specific cutoff scores for admissions. For example, the Gwinnet Technical College ( requires the following minimum scores for admission into Associate Degree courses:

    • Reading skills test - 41
    • Writing skills test - 42
    • Algebra tests - 45

    At the same time, at the Randolph Community College (, a combined Reading and Writing score of 70 and an average Algebra score of 41 are required for exemption from attending Developmental Studies programs.

  • There is no negative scoring involved. You may even make informed guesses, thereby raising the accuracy of the test scores.

The test scoring and reporting is possible through three options:

  • Self -score option where there is no need for a scoring machine to score and report the test
  • Machine-score option that can be utilized with a scanner
  • Microcomputer database system option, where a software program scores the answer sheet and then prints the reports.

Whatever option you choose, you get the scores using the following report types:

  • Immediate Student Advising Report
  • Immediate Educational Planning Report
  • Immediate Transfer Planning Report

The Importance of the ASSET Test Scores

From whatever has been discussed in the previous sections, it is clear that though the test score reports do not mark candidates as pass or fail, the ASSET scores can positively influence the academic future of the students.

  • The test scores not only help institutions get a critique of the students' capabilities and strengths, they also help them plan for developmental programs, and place students based on their current skills.
  • For the test takers, these scores are one of the accepted ways to find out more about their academic abilities, strengths and any shortcomings in the core academic areas. Therefore, the test results are a sure way to self-improvement.

In effect, this is a test designed and developed to help you out and prepare you for a brighter academic future!

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