Results of ASSET Test

How are ASSET Test Results Declared?

This is an excellent program designed and conducted by the ACT. It is a group of shorter placement tests that evaluate a test-taker on the basis of skills in important but basic areas of English, Reading and Mathematics. It is designed in a convenient paper-pencil based format and the score is immediately generated for the test-takers. Due to their record of validity and authenticity, the test results are used by over 400 colleges for selecting or rejecting students during placements. Complete information on the test is available on the official website of the ACT i.e.

Reporting and Scoring

The results are declared as soon as the test is complete. There are three options that you have for attaining your scores. These three options are discussed below:

  1. Self-Score Answer Documents

    In this option, the answer sheet is scored by a human evaluator. This means that there is no need of any scoring machine for evaluating the responses. There is also no need of any computer for retrieving the results in this case.

  2. Machine-Score Answer Documents

    In this particular case, the answer sheet is scored with the help of a stand-alone scanner.

  3. Microcomputer Database System

    This is the quickest possible way of getting the results. In this option, the software helps to score the answer sheets. It also prints a Student Advising Report immediately. This report contains a lot of valuable information on different college and course recommendations. Additionally, it provides some references for resources on campus support.

This system can also generate customized mailing lists, labels etc. This process can go a long way in supporting your retaining and recruitment efforts. All the information regarding your score can be transferred from the website on to your personal computer or laptop as well.

Extra Reports Provided With the ASSET Test Results

In addition to the main score, each of the above mentioned score options also provide the following three reports:

  1. Immediate Student Advising Report
  2. Immediate Educational Planning Report
  3. Immediate Transfer Planning Report

Officially, on the ACT website or otherwise, there is no disclosure of information provided on the method which is implemented in order to calculate the results. Still, one can seek relief in the fact that there is no particular passing or failing score for this test. However, colleges have their own minimum score requirements which they strictly follow. Still, you cannot be declared as failed in the test. The reason is that it tests the level of your abilities which can never be a zero.

There is a chance that you may be weak in a particular subject area or it is possible that you are not competent enough in order to pursue a course in that concerned subject.

How are ASSET Test Results Used?

Colleges often consider a number of factors before they offer placement into the different courses that are offered by them to the students. The most common considerations that they take into account are:

  1. Your ASSET results in the specific subjects
  2. Your ACT or SAT scores
  3. Your Grade Point Average
  4. Your COMPASS scores

Thus, in order to succeed, you not only need to score well, but should also score higher than what other students are scoring. Really high ASSET results ensure that you will be in the course and college of your own choice.

You cannot hope to gain admission into a college on the basis of an average score. You need to work beyond the average. In case, you do not score well in any of the three basic skills sections, you will be asked to take up a compulsory preparatory course in that particular subject. Different subjects are important for different courses. For instance, writing is essential for courses in Humanities, Social Sciences etc. Mathematical skills are essential for courses such as finance, calculus, Statistics etc.

In any case, preparation for the test is very important. Only then  will you be able to score well and get the desired results.

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