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5 Prep Sources for ASSET Test Prep

Developed and administered by ACT, the ASSET is a test widely accepted across different institutions in the United States. If preparing for the test, learn here how to go about your preparation, and what sources to get. Five of the popular sources are also listed.

What Is the ASSET Test?

An integral part of the enrollment process at many post-secondary institutions, it is a series of placement tests by ACT that help analyze the students’ academic abilities in an objective manner. While preparing for the test, it is essential that test vitals are clearly understood, and a preparation plan is made according to the test requirements. Here is a list of the essential points to be noted:

  • Based on the test scores, institutions can decide the most appropriate courses for each student. Test takers may also use the scores to better understand their abilities, and accordingly work towards betterment.
  • Though there are different tests like Basic Skills and Advanced Math tests included in the test series, candidates take only those tests that are required for their program requirements.
  • The Basic Skills test include topics related to reading, writing and numerical abilities; while the Advanced tests are of core Math topics like Elementary, Intermediate, College Algebra; and Geometry.
  • Whether taking a Basic Skills test or an Advanced test, each test is only allowed 25 minutes.
  • There are no passing scores for the test.

For more details on this test series, refer to the official testing website (

How to Prepare for the ASSET Test?

Once all the essential test details are gathered, it is advised that prospective candidates move on to make a plan. As each individual candidate may have his/her own requirements for test taking, there cannot be a single plan for preparation that works for everyone. Outlined here is a generic plan that can guide you in the test preparation:

  1. After learning the test essentials, focus on institution-specific testing and score requirements. Different institutions can have different cutoff scores for different programs. Therefore, ensure you have all the relevant information before testing.
  2. Choose the ASSET test prep materials wisely. With plenty of materials available, choosing good ones can be a difficult task. Choose only those materials that cater to your specific needs.
  3. Practice well. Practicing with test questions is an important aspect, as it not only makes you familiar with the test pattern, but also helps you realize where you stand.
  4. Reiterate the test purpose and rules. Be clear about the test purpose, and be aware of what is allowed and not allowed in the test hall.
  5. Focus on your preparations. Focus, dedication and systematic and regular effort can make wonders in preparation. Hence, take the test seriously and prepare accordingly.

Five ASSET Test Prep Sources

Now that we have got a generic plan, we may as well look at some of the important resources available. Listed here are five popular sources:

  1. The ASSET test website: The official website is a hub of all essential information on the test including some materials for preparation and sample questions.
  2. Your institution: As testing and score cutoff requirements may vary, double-check for any specific rules and regulations of your institution. The institution website may be a good place to start with.
  3. The ASSET Student Guide ( Available as a free downloadable PDF material, this book includes an overview of the test, sample questions, and tips for taking the test. This can be a great asset.
  4. The ASSET Test Practice website ( This is a website offering a compilation of materials for the various tests included. Some of these are free materials that can be downloaded or accessed online.
  5. ( This website offers dedicated resources for Mathematics tests and topics, including math preparation.

Though it is not possible to draft a single preparation plan for all test takers, the steps listed here may be useful for making your own individualized plan for preparation. You may also refer to the resources listed here while preparing for the test. Whatever sources you use or what way you prepare, remember to cover all the essential test points and prepare yourself thoroughly to give your best.

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