Test Papers for ASSET

How to Make the Most of ASSET Sample Test Papers

This test administered by the ACT. It helps in placing students to appropriate college level courses. Over 400 colleges use this test which is actually made up of shorter placement tests. These tests judge the skills of the test takers in Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Some advanced level skills in mathematics are also tested. These papers are one of the best practice materials available for preparation. This program also provides services for planning education. This helps to offer extra information about the needs and goals of the test-takers to the associated educational institutions.

ASSET Scores

There is no passing score in this test. It just highlights the strong and weak skill areas of a test-taker. Thus, imminent problems in certain subjects can be identified through this test before they disrupt one’s academic progress. The course of study, that is, thus prepared, is relevant and appropriate.

Structure and Preparation for the ASSET Test

There are three parts. For each of these parts, it is important to practice using these test papers.

  1. Writing Skills: This test section has 36 items to be attempted within 25 minutes.
  2. Reading Skills: There are 24 items to be completed within 25 minutes in this test section.
  3. Numerical Skills: There are 32 items in this section that have to be completed within 25 minutes.

There are four additional mathematical sections at an advanced level: Elementary and Advanced Algebra, College Algebra and Geometry. Each of these sections has 25 questions that have to be attempted in 25 minutes.

Various Preparation Materials Available for ASSET Test Preparation

In order to prepare, a variety of resources are available, both online as well as offline. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. Official Material: This material is available on the official website. It can be ordered online through the website, or it can be purchased through any book store. The book contains enough practice exercises.
  2. Other Study Guides: A lot of other publishing companies bring out a number of study guides and practice materials every year. These are also useful in ensuring regular practice.
  3. Practice Exercises and Drills: innumerable practice drills are available on the internet at various websites for each topic and type of question.

ASSET Test Papers

Here are a few of the widely available papers that you can use in your preparation:

  1. Glendale Community College:

    http://www.gccaz.edu/studentservices/1391.htm This link contains a few drills as well as test papers. The tests for the basic skills are given on this website along with practice drills for advanced mathematics skills.

  2. Sunydutchess:

    The website for this resource is http://www.sunydutchess.edu. This website contains a lot of examples on each question types. You can go through the student guide available on this website to practice some questions.

Apart from these links, there are many individual sample questions available for practice on the official website of the ACT. There are a few basic steps you need to follow while attempting the test:

  1. Keep a record of the tests that you have taken. Also, keep track of your score and the time that you take.
  2. Gradually, you should expect an improvement in the time that you take in attempting each section.
  3. Also keep analyzing your strong and weak areas. The strong areas must remain strong. The weak areas must improve gradually. If you are weak in any area, you must clear your basics and then move on to practice.
  4. Start with easy questions. Once you master them, you can move on to the harder questions.

Benefits of Using the ASSET Test Papers

  1. These papers help you to practice the test over the three sections in a continuous duration of 75 minutes.
  2. At the end of the test, you can determine the areas or types of questions where you take a lot of time and the areas or concepts which are very easy for you.
  3. This gives a clear idea of what the student should expect in the actual exam.

Thus, in the end, it can be concluded that these are very helpful in preparing well for the actual test. Be it from any source, it goes a long way in ensuring theat the test-taker is confident of scoring well.

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