Online ASSET Test

Can you Take the ASSET Test Online?

It is a combination of placement tests that are conducted by the ACT. This testing process helps the universities and colleges to place students in various courses at the post secondary level. It is used by over 400 colleges and evaluates a student on the basis of various parameters such as Reading, Writing and Mathematics. These parameters are some of the most important skills that are needed to succeed in college. The test also checks how well you have understood the concepts that were explained to you in school. For complete practice, it is advisable for you to attempt the test online. This will help you to get a fair idea of what is to be expected in the exam.

It evaluates you on various parameters and will let the universities know whether you will be capable of handling the practical aspect of the job or not. Your knowledge is not enough to clear this test; it is the experience that you gain in the school that matters!

Is the ASSET Test Available Online?

The answer is "yes"! The online test is available. However, it is just a diagnostic test that the test-takers can take at any test preparation website. It is different from the regular tests that the students normally have in their school. It is actually designed to check whether the test-taker has understood the basic concepts taught in school or not.

Some Important Information About the ASSET Test Online

It can be taken anywhere using internet connectivity. You do not have to visit any school premises for giving the test like in the case of paper based test. There is no other difference between the two formats. Hence, it can be said that it is one of the best ways to practice for the actual test.

Registration for the ASSET Test Online

  1. Register yourself by filling up the registration form at the official website ( You will be given a username and a password after filling the form successfully.
  2. Using the login ID and username, go to the login form.
  3. Login and then purchase a test.
  4. Some websites give one or two practice tests for free too. These websites usually belong to different colleges such as Glendale College etc.

The biggest benefit of the online test is that you get immediate analysis of all the essential skills. A score card is given that displays information on every question. These reports are stored in your account that you created on the website.

It is completely authentic and its results are completely valid for the purpose of practice. These tests can be taken any number of times.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Taking the ASSET Test Online?

Unfortunately, there are certain drawbacks of appearing for the test online. The biggest drawback is that you get into a habit of attempting the test in a computer-based format. Shifting to a paper-based format will be difficult. The second drawback is that you don't have to mark the answers separately. This does not give you the appropriate practice of pacing or setting some time aside for entering the answers within the time period of 25 minutes per section.

Looking at the other side, it is a very important tool, using which, the students can get optimally and appropriately placed into English, Math and Reading courses at the post-secondary or college level. The biggest advantage of this test is that each student has a better chance of getting admission into the correct courses and consequently, completing the course and attaining excellent grades.