What is the Purpose of AHSGE Test?

The test of AHSGE is a comprehensive standards-based examination that all high school students of Alabama need to pass in order to procure their high school diploma. The test is an opportunity for students to prove their mastery over the Alabama state high school curriculum. An overview of the test is provided in the official website of the Alabama Department of Education (www.alsde.edu). Students and parents can obtain additional information about the test in this article.

What is the Purpose of AHSGE Test?

The Alabama High School Graduate Exam (AHSGE) is intended to fulfill the following purposes:

  1. To evaluate the knowledge level of all the Alabama high school students, in the subjects covered by the state curriculum, based on which the Alabama Department of Education provides the students with the state high school diplomas.
  2. To provide a detailed analysis to the schools in Alabama about the subject areas where students have shown relatively higher performances as well as those where students need improvement. Also, an individual diagnostic report of a student based on his/her test performance is generated and sent to the respective school.
  3. To report the percentage of students of grades 10, 11 and 12 who pass each subject section of the test.
  4. To improve the teaching programs of individual schools in Alabama in order to meet the state education standards.
  5. To meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Policy for Reading, Mathematics and Science posed by the Federal Law.

What are the Test Sections and Question Types?

These test questions are designed in a multiple-choice format. Five subject areas are evaluated in the test. Each subject test assesses a unique set of skills of students which are described as follows:

  • The Reading test: The Reading test consists of passage comprehension type questions where you need to read short passages of prose, poetry, editorials etc. and understand the main theme of the content. You may be asked either to find direct answers from the passages or make logical inferences from the information provided in the passage. This section includes a total of 84 questions.

  • The Language test: The Language test consists of questions pertaining to basic grammar and punctuation. You will be required to perform tasks such as sentence completion using the right choice of words etc. It also includes a short writing task. There are a total of 100 questions in this section.

  • The Mathematics Test: The Mathematics section includes Algebra, to the most part and Pre-Geometry. The Alabama Department of Education has made the Mathematics test easier by providing students with a booklet of important arithmetic formulae during the test. So, you need not memorize any mathematical formulae while preparing for the test. This section consists of a total of 100 questions.

  • The Science Test: In the Science Test, you need to answer questions which directly pertain to your school Science curriculum. This section includes 100 questions in total.

  • The Social Studies Test: Similar to the Science section, in the Social Studies test, there will be direct questions from several topics of History. You are required to answer 100 questions in this test.

What is the Test Duration?

Students are at liberty to take as much time as they need in order to complete this test. In general, it takes around three hours to answer all the questions of a subject test. One subject test is conducted in a day; thus, it takes five days to complete all the tests.

When Can the Tests be Scheduled?

You are allowed to take a maximum of six tests in order to pass all the subject tests. The tests are conducted at different academic periods of the 10th, 11th and 12th grade years of study. These test periods as listed below, are common to all the students of Alabama.

  • Spring of the 10th Grade Year
  • Spring of the 11th Grade Year
  • July following the 11th Grade Year
  • September of the 12th Grade Year
  • December of the 12th Grade Year
  • March of the 12th Grade Year

This test is thus, a critical check point for all Alabama high school students. However, the Alabama Department of Education provides enough opportunities for the students over a period of three years in order to prove their academic efficiency in the state high school curriculum.

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