Test Preparation for AHSGE

Options for AHSGE Test Prep

Any comprehensive examination requires a sincere and dedicated preparation for successful results. Especially, for a graduation exam like the AHSGE which is critical for all Alabama high school students, it is necessary to make devoted efforts towards the exam preparation. A few important and helpful points for good test preparation are listed below:

  • Test Preparation Begins in Your Classroom:There cannot be a better way to prepare for the test than by paying sincere attention in your classrooms. After all, the primary purpose of the test is to evaluate your knowledge in your high school curriculum. Therefore, you are not required to learn any topic which is not included in your high school core syllabus. Hence, regularly following your classroom teachings and spending time at home or library to understand the concepts taught in the classrooms, is the first step towards a healthy test preparation.

  • Group Study Leads to Healthy Learning: Gather a few study mates at a common place either in your school or outside, after the class hours. The group can discuss the subject topics taught in the school which is an effective way to revise the topics for preparation. When each student shares his/her perspective of a concept, it can pave way for a broader understanding of the concept by the students in the group. Also, group study develops interest and enthusiasm towards the subject as well as learning, in general.

  • Clarify Your Questions with Your Teachers or Peers: Thinking and assimilating a subject concept can bring about a lot of questions. It may not necessarily happen during the class hours. Hence, make it a point to note down your questions as and when they arise in your mind. Discuss your questions during group study sessions or class hours with your teachers or friends and get them clarified. This practice, many a times, can help you in avoiding confusion while choosing the correct answer choice during your actual test.

  • Make Use of Effective Study Aids: In addition to self-study and group study, it is good to follow some reliable sources of learning such as study books, online sample tests etc. A few options for preparation resources are:

  • Moodle: A Moodle is a free source of e-learning platform which is helpful for students to learn their coursework online. All Alabama high school students can access this unique facility through this link; http://moodle.accessdl.state.al.us by entering their login information. First-time users need to create a new account in this webpage. You can choose the course that you want to enroll in by entering the enrollment key which can be obtained from your teacher.

Above all, you need to plan a wise test schedule in order to cover all the test subjects and sub-topics methodically well in advance, before the test. Thus, you can eliminate the stress and tension that arises due to last minute cramming of the test concepts.