Review for AHSGE

From Where Can You Obtain an AHSGE Review guide?

The test for AHSGE is a mandatory requirement by the Alabama Department of Education, in order to issue high school diplomas to the students who complete their 12th grades in Alabama schools. The primary objective of the exam is to test the understanding level of the students in their high school coursework. The following review briefly describes the test content and a few study books that help in the test preparation.

Why do You Need an AHSGE Study Book?

This test evaluates your knowledge and skill levels in five subject areas which are:

  • Reading
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

The test questions are framed from the respective subjects of your high school curriculum. Though the textbooks that you follow for your school coursework are good sources for preparation, the advantages of referring a few review books cannot be overlooked. The three main advantages of using a preparation book for AHSGE are:

  • A review book contains test content for all the subjects that are included in the test. Thus, referring a single book for the entire test preparation makes your study convenient.

  • Most of the study guides include practice questions along with the answers which are helpful for a good test preparation.

  • Also, several test-taking tips and strategies described in the test preps have proved useful for many students who take the test for the first time.

What are the Popular AHSGE Test Prep Sources?

The following review books are known to have helped many Alabama high school students in order to pass the exam.

  1. AHSGE Secrets Study Guide by Mometrix Media LLC Publication:

    AHSGE Secrets Study Guide is, by far, the most read book for the exam. This book is written by a team of experts after a thorough research of the test topics and their requirements. It includes the following chapters:

    • The 4 Secret Keys to AHSGE Success
    • A Comprehensive Social Studies and Reading Review
    • A Comprehensive Mathematics Review
    • A Comprehensive Science Review
    • A Comprehensive Language Review

    The first chapter is designed exclusively to aid the students by providing smart test-taking strategies. The remaining chapters on the individual test subjects include a detailed review of the respective subject topics.

  2. Alabama AHSGE Test Flashcards by Hollandays Publishing Staff:

    Flashcards are an easy-to-learn study tool that contains review of several topics, pertaining to the test subjects. Four flashcard sets are available, one for each subject test except for the Reading and Language subjects, the cards for which are printed together in the same set. Each subject set includes 50 cards in total.

    The flashcard system is a convenient method to learn key test concepts as it is handy to use during travelling to school etc. Also, answers to the test questions are printed at the back of the cards, thus, aiding easy learning. Further, for easy identification of cards of different subjects, a unique color is assigned to each subject; blue colored flashcards for Reading and Language test content, green-colored cards for the Science content, orange-colored cards for the Mathematics content and purple-colored cards for the Social Studies content.

  3. AL AHSGE Math Workbook by Research and Education Association (REA):

    Owing to the difficulty level of the high school Math curriculum, REA provides Math workbooks, one for each of the following Math topics:

    • Numbers and Operations
    • Algebra and Functions
    • Geometry

    Each Math workbook includes:

    • Review lessons of the selected Math topic
    • Drills to provide practice to students in the required Math skills
    • Skill scorecards which evaluate the progress of students in the respective Math skills
    • Math Flash, a unique feature that includes important test strategies
    • Quizzes to measure the student expertise in the test subject
    • Answers with elaborate explanations

All the above-mentioned test books can be procured either from book stores or purchased online through websites. Amazon ( is one of the websites through which students frequently buy study books.