Prepare For The AEPA

How to prepare for AEPA in Arizona

The Arizona AEPA tests are a set of professional and subject knowledge tests designed to assess the capabilities of educators in the U.S. State of Arizona. These tests act as an entrance exam for the entry level teachers and supervisors in Arizona and also provide the continual assessment of educators who are looking for career advancement. Today, there are several avenues available to prepare for the these tests and this article will go over each of the options in detail.

The Different Prep Options for AEPA Arizona:

  1. Arizona AEPA Prep Courses or Classes:

    Several customized fee-based courses are available for the Arizona AEPA tests. Some of them, are listed as follows:

    • AEPA Teaching Solutions -

      This course provides many diagnostic tests, followed by one-on-one tutoring, a customized test preparation plan and customized test-taking recommendations. The course may be a little expensive. However, many test-takers have written positive reviews (on the Teaching Solutions website) about how this course has helped them pass the AEPA tests. Also it must be noted that the materials and practice tests in this course are constantly updated by a team of Arizona educators to make it as effective as possible.

    • TeachRite Portal -

      This course covers the subject areas of the AEPA Basic Skills test; namely, Reading, Writing and Math. During the course, several video and multimedia lessons, practice tests and recommendations are provided to the students.

  2. AEPA Prep Websites

    There are many online test preparation blogs, websites and study portals that provide candidates with a basic, interactive or multimedia study experience for the AEPA tests. A list of such online study portals is as follows:

    • Website of Center for Recruitment and Retention (CRR) of Mathematics Teachers -

      This website was instituted by the CRR department of the University of Arizona. It is a simple portal that provides several Math tutorials for the Middle School Arizona AEPA test. The material is free and the portal has organized the test objectives into 8 separate sessions. These sessions include video lessons too on important test objectives.

    • TestPrepReview Portal -

      This study portal currently provides material on 20 tests, including self-assessment modules, practice tests and answer guides.

  3. AEPA Study Guides:

    There are different types of AEPA study guides available today; namely, online study guides, downloads, e-books, etc. Some of these guides are free and others are available for a price. Our first recommendation on AEPA study guides is the official study material available on the AEPA website; namely:

    • AEPA General Information About the AEPA Program and Test Preparation

      This free guide provides a must-know introduction to the tests. It contains a clear description of the test structure, objectives, question types and distribution of test questions. It provides several practice questions with answer keys. However, this guide only serves as an introduction to your test preparation and hence, it must be used along with other options, described in this article. You could download this guide from the AEPA website (

    • AEPA Test Objectives and Practice Questions

      About 45 test-specific study guides are available for free download on the AEPA website. Each guide provides a detailed overview of a particular AEPA test, including the test objectives and loads of practice tests. Within each test objective, there are many kinds of skills or areas that are described in these guides. One main drawback of these guides is that they do not provide actual study materials on the test's subject areas. Therefore, you must use these guides in conjunction with other prep options available to you. You could download any of the 45 study guides for free from -

  4. AEPA Books:

    Online book stores such as have several printed study books for specific Arizona AEPA tests. Some examples are listed below:

    • PA Elementary Education (Field 01) 2nd Ed. ('PA Teacher Certification Test Prep)
    • AEPA Professional Knowledge: Elementary & Secondary 91, 92 (XAMonline Teacher Certification Study Guides)

You may purchase these books by searching for the above titles on, after reviewing the author's credentials and user comments.

In conclusion, there is no dearth of preparation options available for these tests. However, apart from the official AEPA guides, all the rest of the options require thorough review and deliberation. You must compare and contrast the features of each preparation option, the associated costs, if any, and the actual user reviews, before you decide to select one. We also recommend that you refer to the actual test takers for their inputs before making your choice. All the best to the Arizona AEPA test takers!