AEPA Testing

Essentials of Successful AEPA Testing

AEPA testing refers to the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments, which are a series of educator certification examinations that teaching aspirants have to take, to qualify for working as educators in Arizona. This certification came into existence in 1997, when the Arizona State Board of Education, in a bid to improve the standards of teaching and education in the state, put forward the criterion of AEPA certification for educators in the state.

AEPA Testing Format

AEPA testing requires an educator to take a test, in a subject of choice, from a list of subjects available for testing with the AEPA examination authorities. This test aims to assess the educator skills of candidates who want to be professional educators in the state of Arizona. The questions of the AEPA are of the objective pattern. The evaluation of performance of the AEPA examinee is criterion-referenced, which means that the performance of the AEPA examinees will be marked against a set of criteria defined by the AEPA testing authorities. The advantage of this kind of evaluation is that peer-competition is eliminated.

The AEPA will be conducted in the computer-based mode from March 2013.

What are the Different Sections of the AEPA Tests?

AEPA testing is taken in different categories for different types of educator certifications. The categories that an AEPA examinee has to take tests in may be one or more of the following:

  • Professional Knowledge Tests
  • Subject Knowledge Tests
  • Constitutions of the United States and Arizona
  • Administrator Tests

The AEPA candidates wanting to take up a career in Academic Administration should take the Administrator tests, while those wanting to be educators have to appear for the Professional Knowledge Tests, Subject Knowledge Tests, and Constitutions of the United States and Arizona tests. More information on the AEPA testing sections can be obtained by visiting

AEPA Question Types and Duration

AEPA questions are of the objective type with multiple choice answers, from which you have to choose the correct answer to a given question. Scoring is done on the number of correct answers that an AEPA examinee provides. AEPA does not have the same number questions for the different tests. Subject tests, in general, have around 100 selected-response questions, one writing task and one listening task.

AEPA testing, for each section, is of four hours duration. The tests are designed to give an examinee ample time to work on them comfortably. Usually, the tests are completed well within the specified time.

Essentials of Successful AEPA Testing

  • The first and foremost thing for success in AEPA testing is to fix the exam date with sufficient time in hand for preparation.

  • You can browse through the official AEPA website to find out the kind of questions that you will encounter in the various categories of the AEPA tests.

  • Strengthen and clarify your concepts in the subject(s) in which you will take the AEPA.

  • Refer to authentic AEPA study guides for systematic guidance on preparation for AEPA. Study guides prepared by only those teachers who have successfully passed the AEPA test will be the most authentic sources of study for you. This is because they will be sharing with you invaluable information derived from their personal experiences of the AEPA.

  • You should work on adequate number of AEPA practice papers.

  • You should join AEPA preparatory classes, if possible. The classrooms will have AEPA experts as your mentors, who will let you know their invaluable study strategies to help you perform better.

  • AEPA is a tough examination and rates of failure are high. Taking test preparation tips or exam strategies, from people who passed the AEPA, will be of great help.

  • The knowledge required to pass the AEPA is very vast and is much greater than what you would cover in the normal Arizona curriculum. You should prepare yourself for this kind of a situation by referring to authentic study materials and taking tips from AEPA experts.


For information on registration for AEPA testing and other information about the test in detail, please refer to the official AEPA website (

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