AEPA Test- A Brief Overview

If you are aspiring to become a certified teacher in Arizona then AEPA is something you should know about. The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) is a test designed by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) in order to ensure that all teachers have the skill set required for an entry-level educator for public schools in Arizona.

An Overview of the AEPA test:

This test is designed differently for every domain and subject. The pattern therefore differs from test to test. Hence, it is advised to get first hand information about the AEPA test from the official website:

There are five kinds of AEPA tests: Subject-Knowledge tests, Professional Knowledge tests, Administrator tests, the test on the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona, and the Basic Skills test. In general, there are 45 tests as a part of the AEPA program developed by ADE. The AEPA test contains selected-response questions. However, you can get a brief overview mentioned below about all the AEPA test types.

  1. Subject Knowledge test: ADE has designed separate subject knowledge test for each subject area. These tests cover subject areas for K-12 standards. The questions may vary from test to test. In general, subject knowledge tests consist of approximately 100 selected-response questions and one written performance assignment. However, the AEPA test for foreign languages like French, German, and Spanish has about 55 selected-response questions along with a written expression assignment and an oral expression performance assignment.

  2. Professional Knowledge test: The professional knowledge tests have 3 levels of tests which are the Early Childhood test, the Elementary test, and the Secondary test. However, the rules for the certificate for the secondary education have changed. The NES Assessments of professional knowledge for Arizona replace the AEPA test. This applies for only the elementary and secondary professional knowledge tests.

  3. AEPA Administrator tests: There are three administrator tests which are the Supervisor, Superintendent and Principal Tests. The supervisor test consists of 100 questions and one performance assignment. However, the superintendent and principal AEPA tests have 100 questions and 4 assignments. These 4 written assignments include 2 assignments on case studies, one work product assignment and one educational issue related assignment.

  4. The Constitutions of the United States and Arizona test: It is mandatory to give this for all teachers seeking AEPA test certification, unless specified otherwise in the program guidelines. This test is designed to assess the candidate’s knowledge of the provisions in the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona.

  5. The Basic Skills Test: If you require a teaching certificate, then it is necessary to clear the Basic Skills test. This AEPA test consists of 3 subtests which are the Reading Comprehension, the Writing, and the Mathematics subtests. There are 42 questions in the Reading Comprehension and Mathematics subtests each. However, it should be known that the Writing subtest contains 42 questions along with a written performance assignment.

AEPA Test Passing Score:

Since the questions in the AEPA test have selected-response questions and assignments, the performance of the candidate measures the skill level and knowledge through some set standards. The scores, therefore, are converted to a common scale ranging from 100-300. In general, 240 is considered the minimum passing score.

The criterion for scoring varies from test to test. Therefore, it is advised that you visit the official website of AEPA, to verify the details about the score distribution for the particular AEPA test you plan to take. It should also be known that there is no limit set for the number of re-takes in case you fail the test.

The official website of AEPA also has official study guides for all subject areas and APEA test types. You can download the study material for free or you can order a bound and printed copy from AEPA by paying the required fee and placing the order.

The preparation for AEPA test involves a lot of time; however, it is important to remember that by clearing this test, you can enhance your teaching career by becoming a certified educator. Hence, it is advised to start preparing early in order to ace this test!

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