Information Regarding The AEPA Test

The quality and standard of education being imparted at schools depends a lot on the teachers and administrators who have been appointed. Hiring inefficient teachers who are not knowledgeable about the subject they have been detailed to teach will lead to a drop in the standard of education being maintained in the schools. Hence, a good standard of education can be maintained in schools only if

  • The teachers teaching in schools have the necessary skills for the responsibilities they have been entrusted with
  • The teachers are thorough with the basic concepts for the subject area they are teaching
  • The school administrators are proficient in the tasks allotted to them
  • The teachers and school administrators are proficient with the principles and provisions of the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona

Educator Certification in Arizona

In order to ensure that the teachers teaching in Arizona schools are all well qualified and measure up to a requisite standard, the state of Arizona has implemented the AEPA (Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments), which is one of the mandatory requirements for grant of educator certification in the state of Arizona. Passing this examination is mandatory for teacher, Superintendent, Principal and Supervisor certification and also for joining educator preparation programs. The entire examination consists of a series of tests. The test or tests that you will have to take will depend upon the certification you have applied for.

The website of the Arizona Department of Education Certification Unit is as follows: The official website will be able to provide you with information on the eligibility criteria for earning each type of educator certification that the state offers. Go through the website to identify the specific set of tests that you will have to pass depending upon your requirements and those of the state for granting you the appropriate certification.

Skills and Knowledge Assessed by the AEPA

The AEPA is designed to evaluate a different set of skills and knowledge depending upon the certification you have applied for. For this purpose, the tests are clubbed under separate categories.

  • Professional Knowledge Tests: There are three levels in this test. These are Early Childhood Elementary and Secondary levels. All those applicants who have applied for a teacher certificate have to take this test. The professional knowledge tests will assess your pedagogical knowledge and related skills through approximately 100 multiple-choice or selected-response questions and 3 written performance assignments.

  • Subject Knowledge Tests: If you wish to seek certification in a specific subject area, then you need to take the appropriate subject knowledge test. These tests are designed to evaluate your knowledge of the subject field you are testing for. The number of questions asked and the type of questions that you will be required to answer will be dependent on the specific subject knowledge test that you are taking. Most of the subject knowledge tests consist of about 100 selected-response questions and one written performance assignment, barring the French, German, and Spanish subject knowledge tests, which consist of about 55 selected-response questions, a written expression assignment and an oral expression performance assignment. Both your reading and listening comprehension skills will be assessed in these three tests.

  • Constitutions of the United States and Arizona Test: This test evaluates your familiarity with the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona. Applicants for teacher or school administrator certification will be required to take this test. However, you do not have to take this test if you have completed the appropriate Arizona Department of Education-approved coursework related to this field. There will be approximately 100 selected-response questions in this test.

  • Administrator Tests: You will have to take the Supervisor, Superintendent or Principal administrator test depending upon the certification you are seeking. - Supervisor test: There will be approximately 100 selected-response questions and one written performance assignment. - Superintendent and Principal test: There will be approximately 100 selected-response questions and four written performance assignments in each test. Two of the written performance assignments will be related to a case study, one will be an education issue assignment and one will be work product assignment.

  • Basic Skills Test: This test is not mandatory for any kind of certification, but you may have to take it to meet the requirements for joining an educator preparation program. Your basic reading, writing and mathematical skills are evaluated by this test. The Basic Skills test consists of three sub tests: Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Mathematics. You can take the sub tests independently in order to meet the passing requirements for the Basic Skills test. In other words, you can take either one, two or all three sub tests in one test administration. - Reading Comprehension and Mathematics sub tests: Each of the sub tests will consist of 42 selected-response questions - Writing subtest: This subtest will consist of 42 selected-response questions and a written performance assignment.

The AEPA Scores

Your scores in the tests are converted to a scaled score that is common for all tests. This scaled score ranges from 100 to 300 for all the tests. Your score for each test will take into account your performance in each of the test sections including your performance in the selected-response questions sections and the performance assignments sections. There may be different weights assigned to test sections depending upon the type of questions in the test section and the test that they form a part of. These weights will be used for calculating the total score for the test. Visit the AEPA website, for familiarizing yourself with the score distribution for the AEPA tests that you have to take. You need to get a scaled score of 240 for passing this tests.

Registering for AEPA

The AEPA tests are conducted in both morning and afternoon sessions each of which is of 4 hours. You will have to take the examinations in either one or both the sessions depending upon the number and type of tests you have registered for and the policies regarding the conduct of each test. For instance, there are certain tests can be conducted in a particular session only. Check the official website for details like the test session during which each test is conducted and other useful information regarding testing requirements. You can register for test from the official website. The first step to be taken would be to select the test that you have to take. The next step would be to choose the test date and site. You can choose to register for this assessment by mail or by telephone depending upon the period in which you are registering. There are three registration periods: regular, late and emergency. You can register for the AEPA online during all the registration periods. You can register by mail only during the regular and late registration periods. Registration for AEPA can be done by phone only during the emergency registration period. Check the official website for information regarding the registration periods for each of the test administrations and the cost of taking each one of them.

Passing the AEPA

The content for each test is defined by the test objectives for that test. Go to the website and review the test content for the tests that you have to take. Your AEPA scores are directly dependent upon how you have performed in the test and so you need to have a good grasp of the test content in order to be able to do well in the AEPA. Do not make the mistake of aiming for the passing scores. Your performance will fall below the required mark if you make small mistakes while taking the test. It will be wise to aim for high scores. That way you will be certain of getting the passing scores provided you have prepared yourself for taking the examination accordingly.