Dates for AEPA Test

How to Select AEPA Test Dates

The AEPA tests are a set of tests required for acquiring teacher and school administrator certifications in the U.S state of Arizona. These tests have been constituted by the Arizona State Board of Education to assess the professional and subject knowledge skills of the candidates. The candidates who are applying for these certifications and therefore these tests, must know about where and when they could take the tests in Arizona. This article will guide the applicants through the process of selecting their test dates.

Before we go over the key aspects regarding the test dates, it is important to know that there are 2 types of AEPA tests in Arizona, namely:

  • AEPA custom tests- These are tests constituted for certain subject and professional knowledge areas, in tune with the state-level requirements of Arizona. Currently, all AEPA tests are paper-based, but they will move to computer-based testing in spring 2013.
  • L NES tests- These are national certification tests, that are in tune with the federal educational certification requirements. All NES tests are computer-based. Some of the current custom AEPA tests will be replaced with the corresponding NES tests in 2013.

The Key Points to Remember About AEPA Test Dates

Let's go over the key points to remember in selecting  dates for the test, as follows:

  1. AEPA Test dates for Paper-Based Tests (PBT)

    As of now, the AEPA board has only published 3 available dates for custom AEPA tests (PBT) in 2013 i.e. in the months of March, May and July 2013. Each test date is associated with regular, late and emergency registration deadlines. The scores are available approximately 1 month after the test dates. To learn about the actual test dates, deadlines and other details for these paper-based AEPA tests, you may visit this link on the AEPA website -

  2. AEPA Test Dates for Computer-Based Tests (CBT)

    Starting March 2013, all custom AEPA tests will be administered as computer-based tests. A specific test window of 6 days will be available at a list of particular Pearson test centers in Arizona for the year 2013. However, year-round registration will be available at the official AEPA website by appointment. Therefore, before selecting the test windows, the candidates must review the Pearson test center locations and their actual seat availability. More updates on the actual dates for CBT will be published from time to time on this AEPA link -

  3. NES Test Dates

    The NES tests have been instituted by an organization called the National Evaluation Series. These tests are available across different centers in Arizona and their test dates are available around the year on a first-come-first-serve basis. To register for a NES test, you must first register at the NES website. Thereafter, you must review the test centers in your locality and finally, review the actual seat availability for the tests that you are applying to. The final step is to select an appropriate test center that matches all the criteria. To know more about how to select NES test dates, you may visit the NES website -

The Steps to Follow While Selecting AEPA Test Dates:

Step 1: Select the tests that are required for your certification i.e. determine whether they are custom AEPA or NES tests.

Step 2: Review specific information regarding those tests, including registration dates, fee details, available test centers and dates.

Step 3: Register for the test either at the AEPA or the NES website.

Step 4: On the AEPA website, you may choose either a telephonic or internet-based registration method, based on the format of your tests. During the process of registration, an applicant with a physical or learning disability or any special concern may request for alternate testing arrangements, such as additional time to take the test, frequent breaks, special test material such as Braille, usage of medical equipment during the test, etc.

Step 5: At the end of the registration process, you will receive an authorization email from AEPA. This email will provide you with instructions on how to schedule a testing appointment.

In conclusion, we hope this article has given its readers clear guidelines on how to select dates for their tests. We wish the candidates all the best for the tests!