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5 Things You Need to Know about AEPA Study

If you aspire to become a certified educator in Arizona, you would know that you have to clear the AEPA test. The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment (AEPA) is developed by Arizona Department of Education (ADE). The purpose of this test is to ensure that all teachers have the skills and know-how required for any entry-level educator in Arizona public schools. In order to ace this test, it is important for you to choose the right AEPA study resources and be prepared.

The AEPA Test:

There are five kinds of AEPA tests: Subject-Knowledge tests, Professional Knowledge tests, Administrator tests, the test on the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona, and the Basic Skills test. Candidates aspiring to become school administrators have to take the Superintendent, Principal or Supervisor test. There are around 45 tests which form a part of the AEPA program designed to address subject areas related to academics, the Arizona professional teaching and administrative standards. However, you can avail more information regarding the test on the official website for AEPA test (

The AEPA test contains questions pertaining to reading and listening comprehension, a written assignment and an oral assignment. The test is in the multiple choice format and the written and oral assignments would differ based on the type of test you appear for. The time duration for each test is around 4 hours.

There is no specific method to prepare for AEPA; however are a few things you can remember during the AEPA study for the test.

5 Important Points to Remember While Studying:

  1. Visit the test site:

    It is important for you to visit the test site and get to know all topics which would be covered in the AEPA test. When you are aware of the test topics, you would be able to gather the required study resources and prepare for the AEPA test. In order to know which test is relevant for your domain, you can visit

  2. Get access to AEPA study resources:

    The AEPA study guides are available at as a free resource. These guides contain theoretical and practice questions; however, preparing solely from these guides would not be enough. Hence, you should prepare from appropriate school notes or text books also.

    There are some AEPA sample questions available on some third party sites like However, you should remember that these are non-ADE affiliated resources.

  3. Create your study planner:

    Since there are different types of tests, the mode of preparation might differ from subject to subject. For example, the difficulty level is more and hence more time and right AEPA study guides is required for preparing for Physics or Mathematics AEPA test in comparison to the preparation for English test. Therefore, it is suggested to create your own study planner based on the topics you need to focus on.

  4. Practice for the AEPA test:

    It is important for you to practice the questions mentioned in the AEPA study guides. It is also important to check the format in which your AEPA test would be conducted. Since all the tests are not computer based, it is suggested that you practice according to the test guidelines specified by AEPA.

  5. Map your progress:

    While preparing for AEPA, it is important to keep on practicing from AEPA study guides and mapping your progress. Hence, by doing this, you would be aware of your weak areas and also will be aware about the level of your preparedness. Another benefit of doing this is that you would be able to finalize the test date for taking AEPA.

It is important for you to gather information about the domain you are interested in from local schools and also through candidates who have already passed the AEPA test. Even though there is no limit set for re-taking the test, it is best to be well prepared before appearing for the AEPA test. You can ace the test by using the right AEPA study resources. After all, your professional career in education depends on how soon you pass the AEPA test and become a certified educator!

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