AEPA Scores

How are AEPA Scores Used?

All candidates applying for teacher and school administrator certifications in Arizona are required to take a corresponding AEPA test in the state and produce desired AEPA scores to demonstrate their professional and subject knowledge capabilities. The AEPA test requirements have been framed by the Arizona State Board of Education.

Each AEPA test is a combination of one or more sub-tests. All teacher certifications include at-least one professional knowledge test and one subject knowledge test. Moreover, these certifications also mandate an additional U.S and Arizona state Constitution test and administrator certifications require an administrator test. In each test, there are two types of questions; namely, multiple choice questions and performance assessment questions, which may require either a written or spoken answer response. A written response is recorded in a special answer booklet and a spoken response is audio-recorded.

Now, that we know about the structure of the tests, we will discuss the key aspects of the AEPA scores.

The Important Aspects of the AEPA Scores:

  1. The Significance of the AEPA Scores

    The AEPA scores determine whether a candidate is eligible for a particular certification or not. For each certification, the minimum passing scores for each individual test section has already been determined by the Arizona Board of Education. Also, it must be noted that a candidate's performance is not measured against the performance of other candidates, but rather against the already constituted standards. The Board also clearly maintains the stand that the AEPA tests and resultant scores are only meant for assessing the credentials of educators in Arizona and should not be used by administrators for the purposes of making employment or college admission decisions.

  2. The Calculation of AEPA scores

    To determine the total test score in an AEPA test, the AEPA scores of the individual test sections are calculated first. Depending on the number of sub-tests in an AEPA test, the score of each test section may range from 100 to 300. Within each test section, the scores of the performance assessment and selected response questions are calculated separately, multiplied against a suitable weight and then, added up to obtain a total score in that section. Then the scores of all the test sections are added up. Certain tests, such as the U.S Constitution test, have only one test section with selected response questions. In this case, the score from the selected responses represent the total score. For more details, on what weights are used for individual test questions etc., you may visit the official AEPA website -

  3. The AEPA Pass Score

    In all the AEPA tests, a score of 240 is considered as the minimum pass score. The candidates who receive AEPA scores below 240 must attempt the test again, if they would like to obtain their certifications.

  4. The AEPA Score Reporting Process

    The AEPA score report will be available to the candidates on a particular score-report date, which is usually about a month after the test. The AEPA scores are published on the AEPA website and the candidates may access their reports after securely logging into the website. Each score report displays the minimum passing AEPA score and a pass status i.e. "Passed" or "Not Passed". To prevent the score from being used for the purposes of employment, role assignment etc., and the actual score will not be reported for the candidates who have passed the test. Only the candidates, who have failed the test, will see their total AEPA score on the report. Also, a breakup of the scores for the individual test sections is not provided. However, the report includes a graphical representation of the correctness of answers across the test sections and test objectives. This display is meant to serve as a diagnostic tool for the candidates in determining their academic strengths and weaknesses.

In conclusion, it is important to understand the importance of the AEPA scores and the scoring methodologies used, so that the candidates can factor them in their test preparation plans. We hope this article has provided its readers with all the vital information about the AEPA scoring criteria.

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