AEPA Exam Dates

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Selecting AEPA Exam Dates

AEPA exam dates are the dates on which AEPA examinees take the AEPA test at AEPA testing centers. Candidates who are interested in taking AEPA will have to specify the date on which they want to appear for the test at the time of registration, at the official website. The AEPA authorities notify the testing centers about the dates on which AEPA examinees want to take the test, and the test is conducted accordingly on the date(s) fixed.

Methods of Fixing AEPA Exam Dates

AEPA exam dates can be fixed by registering for the AEPA on its official website (, and then choosing an exam date suitable for you from the list of exam dates available on it. The computer-based AEPA exam can be taken throughout the year by fixing an appointment with your test centre. However, the paper-based AEPA is available on certain dates only, which you have to find out by contacting your test center. A test that you want to take may not be available on a date on which another test is available. Hence, you have to check specifically for the AEPA exam dates available for your particular subject and preferred test center.

You can fix your AEPA exam date by registering for the test by other methods, such as, sending an email to the AEPA examination authorities, or by calling the AEPA examination authorities.

Confirmation of AEPA Exam Dates

After fixing up your AEPA exam date, the next step you will have to take is to confirm that date. Once you have confirmed the date on which you want to take the AEPA, a confirmatory note will be sent to you via email which will contain details about the date you chose for appearing for the examination, as well as, other information pertaining to your registration for the test, within three working days of your confirmation of registration. If you do not receive this confirmatory note or have lost it, you will not be able to appear for the APEA test. Hence, to avoid such a situation, you have to take prompt action if you do not receive the confirmatory note or have lost it.

Rescheduling of AEPA Exam Dates

The APEA exam dates can be cancelled and rescheduled again, if required. Generally, the actual dates of registration are backed by deadline dates, which stretch the actual dates of registration. The test centers may consider requests of candidates who miss the deadlines for taking the test, but the centers cannot guarantee examination seats for such candidates, as the probability of granting them a seat will be dependent on the availability of seats and availability of adequate testing staff.

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Selecting AEPA Exam Dates

Here are five important points that you should bear in mind before fixing up your AEPA exam dates:

  • Your AEPA examination date should be fixed up keeping adequate time in hand for preparation. It is always better for you to start preparing first, become thorough with your preparation, and then fix up the exam on a date suitable for you.
  • When fixing up your APEA exam dates, you should consider any deadlines of score submission to APEA score-evaluating authorities. This will give adequate time to the assessors of your scores to evaluate them and come to a conclusion regarding your performance.
  • Your AEPA examination dates should not be fixed on important days of other work. The APEA exam dates should be fixed on such days on which you can consider yourself free from all other tasks and are at peace of mind, as appearing for the test with a calm mind is very important for performing well in it.
  • The dates for different subjects vary and the number of days of testing for each subject also varies. You have to check the official chart of dates at, for finding a date suitable for you to take AEPA in a subject of your choice.
  • In some cases, the AEPA exam dates are fixed on a first come first served basis. Hence, you should be an early bird in order to book yourself a place for taking the AEPA on a date of your choice.


Choosing the AEPA exam dates is not an easy task, as you have to consider a number of factors related to your preparation and college admission deadlines before fixing it. Hence, it should be done after a lot of careful planning. You can take the help of your AEPA mentor, or persons who have passed AEPA to help you out with the dates, as the date on which you appear for AEPA is the most important day for you, as far as the examination is concerned. You should perform well in AEPA on your chosen date of taking it.

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