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The Best Study Options in Arizona for AEPA

The state of Arizona has set certain standards for candidates seeking jobs in the professional line of teaching. The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) was created by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) in collaboration with Pearson Education in order to ensure that aspiring candidates applying for teaching positions possess the basic knowledge and skill set for an entry-level educator. The AEPA Arizona test also applies to candidates who are non-residents but wish to teach in this state.

More about the AEPA Test:

There are around 45 tests created for AEPA Arizona certification. These tests are in the multiple choice format and generally have one or more written assignments. Since there are separate certifications required at every hierarchy of education, it is important to check with the ADE guidelines about the relevant AEPA certification(s) that are applicable to you. You can visit the official website of AEPA ( and get all the information you require for the AEPA Arizona test.

It should be known that there are many study resources which you can utilize for the AEPA test preparation. However, a brief overview about various AEPA preparation options available is listed below:

AEPA Preparation Options:

  1. AEPA Web-Courses: There are some web-courses designed exclusively for AEPA preparation which can be availed after registering and paying the course fee. These courses have theoretical explanations for subject specific tests along with full-length practice tests and sample test questions with rationales. The website details of a few of these courses are mentioned below:

  2. Online AEPA Learning Solutions: If you do not wish to sign up for an entire web course, then there are some other e-learning options available on the internet for refresher courses or AEPA individual tests. For example, TeachRite offers interactive learning solutions. They have virtual guides for taking AEPA course demonstrations, refreshers along with complete courses. Thus, you can visit and avail a suitable AEPA preparation option that you would require for getting geared up for the final test.

  3. AEPA Webinars: These webinars are effective tools for preparation created by some universities to enable candidates with helpful information and strategies to ace the AEPA test. Moreover, the candidate would have the opportunity for one on one session with a designated instructor for clarifications. You can get more information and register for upcoming webinars conducted by the Grand Canyon University ( and Arizona State University

  4. ADE Online Study Guides: These are ADE-affiliated study guides, which are readily available for download at the official website of AEPA ( You can avail relevant AEPA study material online for free from this website. However, if you require a printed and bound copy of any of these guides, you can purchase them by filling an order form.

  5. Other Study Guides (Non-Affiliated with ADE): There are some other study resources which are not affiliated by ADE; however, they have helped many aspiring candidates to pass the AEPA Arizona tests with good scores. You can get information on some of these guides as mentioned below:

    1. Guides published by the AEPA Exam Secrets Test Prep Team: Their AEPA Arizona study series contain study guides along with practice tests and flashcards. This guide is available online at (
    2. The AEPA 7 Day Comprehensive Success System: This AEPA study series comes in package deals as well as in the form of individual study guides. Even though, they are non-affiliated with ADE, this study series is known to benefit many candidates who have teaching and non-teaching experience. This study series can be availed online at

The AEPA results decide the future of your teaching career in Arizona. Hence, it is important to be prepared for this test. Even though there might be many options available for the preparation of the AEPA Arizona tests; it is important that you choose the appropriate resource for yourself. By doing so, you can prepare well and clear the test with flying colors!

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