Where to Take the ACT Test?

ACT Test Centers

The ACT test is a general academic proficiency test which is conducted mainly in the United States and Canada. This test tries to establish that an individual has the basic knowledge that is required for attaining college-level studies in the US. Many college aspirants from all across the world take the ACT test. To provide international students a platform to take the ACT test, there are many test centres across the globe. If a student does not know where to take the ACT test, then he/she can visit the official website of the ACT (www.act.org) to find out more about the test centre details. A few details to help students choose the ACT test centres for their test are provided here under:

  • Before they decide where to take the ACT test, students should ideally visit the official website www.act.org to obtain the official test centre details.
  • For the United States and Canada, students can visit the link http://www.actstudent.org/regist/centers.html and enter their details to know about the test centres that are closest to them. The required details are: name of the state/territory/province and the name of the city where the students want to take the ACT test.
  • If students are aware of the name of the test centre or its details, they can enter those details in the above-mentioned search-engine (http://www.actstudent.org/regist/centers.html), to procure the test centre timings and details.
  • Students have to remember to type the official names of the territories or cities as they are known presently. Old names or, unofficial names or, names of areas within the cities are not acceptable by the test centre search-engine provided on the official website.
  • If students want to know where to take the ACT test from a country apart from the US and Canada, then they have to look for test centres by searching for the name of their country. Once they select their countries' name in the search-engine, a list of test centres located in it and their details are automatically provided. The link to know where to take the ACT test internationally is: http://www.actstudent.org/regist/outside.html.
  • The ACT services also provide students with a brochure that should be downloaded if they are planning to take the test internationally. This brochure is of great help to choose a test centre and also to register for the ACT test. It can be procured from the link: http://www.act.org/aap/pdf/reg_flyer_intl.pdf.
  • In certain cases, though students are able to locate official ACT test centres, those centres may not be conducting the ACT tests on the upcoming test dates. In such circumstances, students might have to travel to take the test elsewhere. Students should find out about their alternative test centres from the official website (http://www.act.org).
  • Sometimes, students may have to travel to a test centre when they do not have one in their area or local territory. In such cases as well, students have to look for alternative test centres on the website (www.act.org).
  • In certain cases, students may not be able to find any test centre in their city or in any neighbouring area to which they can travel, and take the test. In such a case, students have to arrange for alternative modes of taking the test. The options of alternative methods to know where to take the ACT test can be procured from the link: http://www.act.org/aap/pdf/arranged.pdf.
  • In case a student is physically disabled and wants to know where to take the ACT test, then he/she will have to contact the ACT offices or find out about the available options at: http://www.act.org/aap/disab/.

It is very important to know where to take the ACT test before you start preparing for the test. Every student should find out if they can or not take the test in their area so that they can make alternative arrangements accordingly. Also, where to take the ACT test is not a choice that a student can make without prior consideration. He/she has to keep in mind the availability of test centres and whether or not those test centres are accessible to the students. For exceptional cases, where the test have to be arranged in unofficial centres, the ACT services have to give due permissions. However, these cases have to be within the realm of provisions provided by them. Not every hurdle in your path in choosing where to take the ACT test will have a resolve. Therefore, you have to be proactive and practical before enrolling with an ACT test centre to take the ACT test.

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