What is on the ACT Test

Test Sections of ACT Explained

Before knowing about what is on the ACT test, let us learn in brief about why is it administered and who takes this test. ACT is administered by the ACT Inc, USA, for providing the universities with a standardized testing platform in order to admit students into undergraduate programs. Middle or high school students can take the ACT. Many universities and institutes located in the USA accept the ACT scores for admitting the students. You will have to face stiff competition while you take the test and so you must clearly know about what is on the ACT test in order to prepare well and score high.

What is on the ACT Test?

ACT comprises four sections apart from a separate optional Writing test. The four sections of the ACT include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science

These four sections of the ACT test your abilities in different ways to evaluate your skills. The skills that are tested on the ACT test are very important to assess your learning methods and knowledge that you gained throughout your high school. This is all about what is on the ACT test. After understanding clearly about what is on the ACT test, you should start your preparation vigorously. Many universities that accept ACT scores also consider your GPA. It clearly means that you must not only practice for what is on the ACT test but also maintain good scores in your high school academics.

Test Sections Explained

The mentioned four sections excluding the optional Writing test last for a total time of two hours fifty five minutes.

  • The English section consists of 75 questions which should be answered within a total time of 45 minutes. You can observe that you will have barely 45 seconds to solve each question in this section.
  • The Mathematics section extends for a total of 60 minutes and consists of 60 questions. Here, you get one minute to solve each question.
  • The Reading and the Science sections comprise 40 questions each and each section lasts for 35 minutes. For these sections, you will have to answer each question in under a minute.
  • The optional Writing test lasts for 30 minutes.

ACT Question Types

Now that we are aware of what is on the ACT test pertaining to the content and structure, let us now look into the question types asked in the ACT. All the questions throughout the four sections of the ACT are multiple-choice questions.

  • The English section aims at testing your language skills. Usage skills and rhetorical skills are tested through this section. Questions that test usage skills like punctuation, grammar, sentence structuring appear in this section. Through this section, your rhetorical skills such as ability to organize and strategize are also tested. Question types that test spelling and vocabulary skills do not appear in this section.
  • The Mathematics section tests the Math skills that you might have acquired through the courses you took up until your junior grade in high school. Problem solving skills are essential here and obviously time is very important.
  • The Reading section consists of four prose passages. A set of 10 questions appear pertaining to each passage. You have to read the passage to answer the questions. Reading comprehension skills are tested through this section.
  • The Science section presents questions from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy and Meteorology. Basic knowledge is required to answer these questions. The questions based upon these concepts are presented as data representation, research summary and conflicting viewpoint questions.
  • The optional Writing test assesses your writing skills. In this section, you will be given a prompt which is typically an issue description followed by two view points. You have to present the essay in response to the prompt.

Everything about what is on the ACT test has now been explained clearly. You can visit the official website of ACT at the link: http://www.actstudent.org/index.html for more information.

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