Good ACT Score

ACT (American College testing) conducted by ACT Inc is required for admission to most of the colleges in all the 50 states of US and its territories. ACT is not a general aptitude or intelligence test. The exam is focused on skills in the areas of English, mathematics, vocabulary, and science. This exam is about a student's knowledge in the subjects that he had studied while attending high school.

What is a good ACT Score

A good ACT score is used as a measure of the candidate’s ability to do well in the college. Depending upon the college, ACT score varies from being the most important selection factor to being a must have factor, regardless of the scores earned in the test. Every college has a different requirement of what constitutes a "good" ACT score. Usually there are no fixed ACT score requirements of colleges, but a good ACT score is one of the first things that stand out to someone reading your application for the admission. During the admission process, your class work, your GPA, extracurricular activities, ACT test scores, everything is important. If you do not have good high school grades then good ACT scores can make up for it. It is therefore good get high ACT scores to make yourself a competitive candidate for college. Therefore first thing you should do is research what is the good ACT score required for the admission in the special courses in the specific colleges and universities you are interested in. Most of the colleges publish these scores of the students who have got admissions in their colleges on their web sites. Once you are aware of the ACT score for students who have got admissions into the schools you are interested in, you can target your test preparation to match or beat that score.

General ACT Scores

English, Reading, Mathematics and Science are the four test sections in ACT. There are a total of 215 multiple-choice questions in ACT. Time limit for completing the English section is 45 minutes and for Math section is 60 minutes. The time limit for both the Reading and Science sections is 35 minutes each. You have to answer 75 questions in the English section, 60 questions in the Math section, 40 questions in the Reading section and 40 questions in the Science section. The scores for each of the four sections range from 1 to 36. The average of these four scores is called the composite score. You can opt for the writing test in which you are given 30 minutes to write an essay and its scores range from 1 to 12. There are 12 different scores present in your ACT score report. These are: 1 composite score, 7 sub-scores and 4 section scores. Your writing score will be displayed if you had opted for the writing test too. ACT's official web site contains detailed information about ACT scores.

The highest ACT score is 36. This is not an easy score to achieve. It is very difficult to decide what is a good ACT score. A good ACT score varies from student to student. A good score in ACT depends upon which college and course you want to join. A good reputed college might expect a high ACT score. And if you are applying for really in demand course then you have to score a really good ACT score that may be more than 30. Usually a score of 27 or more is considered a good ACT score. There is no fixed definition of a good ACT score. There might be some colleges who do not give much importance to ACT scores.

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