Tips for Taking the ACT Test

Sources for Tips for ACT

Simultaneously with your preparation for ACT you will need to develop strategies that will enable you to answer questions more efficiently. It is an examination which you can ace if you learn time management. This ability is important because you will get only a limited amount of time to solve the question paper. Moreover you will get less than a minute to solve each question of the entire question paper. Usually taking the tips for a test are a part of the course you enroll in or the study guide that you follow for your preparation. However, to help you with your preparation some tips for taking the test are discussed in the following section.

Some Tips on Each Section of ACT

ACT will not only test your knowledge of high school English, Science and Mathematics but also your ability to apply it. Thus, it is an exhaustive as well as a difficult test. Hence, generalized tips for attending the test are not always sufficient. Some tips for each section of the test are listed below:

1. English: This section will test your proficiency in English grammar. So remember the following things:

  • Read each passage carefully, especially the underlined part. Try to understand what the author is saying and the assumptions that are being made.
  • Before you check the correct answer analyze why the other answers do not fit. If you are unsure about the answer then you could start by eliminating the wrong answers and then choose the best probable answer.
  • Read the sentence again using the answer that you have chosen and check whether it makes sense or not.

2. Mathematics: In this section you will have to answer questions on high school level Algebra, Geometry, Co-ordinate geometry and Trigonometry.

  • Read the question thoroughly so that you can understand the exact requirement of the question.
  • Don't just guess the answer; solve the problem before you check the correct answer.
  • After you have solved the problem check if the answer is among the choices provided and then check the correct answer accordingly.

3. Reading: In this section you will have to read passages taken from English fiction, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

  • Read the entire passage thoroughly so that you understand the sense and meaning of the passage. If you skim through it you will miss the important elements of the passages and hence you will get confused while answering the questions.
  • While answering the questions keep referring to the passage and check whether you are choosing correctly or not.

4. Science: In this section you will have to apply your knowledge of science in order to answer the questions.

  • In the reasoning passages you have to understand and analyze passages so that you can remove the irrelevant data and choose only the information required to answer the questions.
  • In the data representation sub-section, try to understand the relationships between the variables as that will indicate the correct answer.

5. Writing: In this section you will have to write an essay on a given topic.

  • The essay should be coherent so that the readers can easily understand how you have developed the argument.
  • Try to avoid grammatical errors because they will make your raters think that you were careless while writing the essay.

The list above outlines some basic tips for taking the ACT. But to help you further with developing strategies for the test some sources and links are discussed in the following section.

Sources for ACT Tips

The tips are always provided by the instructors of the course that you enroll in. Follow those tips thoroughly as they will be designed based on your strengths and weaknesses. For example, your instructor will help you identify the common mistakes that you make and give you tips to overcome them.

If you are following a study guide then ensure before you purchase one that it comes with an exhaustive list of tips. There are a number of websites, too, that offer tips on the ACT. Two of the better known ones are as follows:

You could check out these websites if you need in-depth list of tips on the ACT. But remember that the most important tips that will help you fare well in the test are practice and preparation. So prepare well for the examination before you decide to appear for it.