Prep for the ACT Test

Crash Courses for ACT Prep

ACT is a very important test for all high school students who want to pursue college education. With more than 1.6 million students taking up the test in a year, competition is very stiff. To get admission in a good college, one needs to get a high score. Though the syllabus for the exam is what the student has studied in the high school, thorough preparation is required. The effort you put into the preparation for ACT directly reflects on the score you get.

There are different preparatory methods. Self study, joining online classes or live classes are some of the methods used by students. Ideally, more than 2 months are required for thorough preparation. For those who start early, chart out a schedule for preparation. Understand the syllabus and identify the topics that will need more time for preparation. Do not overload yourself on a single day. Try to keep free hours, so that you can make up for any lost study hours due to unavoidable circumstances. Try to take a practice test every day for the first few weeks and then increase the number of the practice tests you take. Time your tests and increase your speed in answering the questions.

Most students start preparing few weeks before the test. For these students, coaching institutes offer crash courses.

ACT Cram Packs

A crash course for preparation  is offered by The Princeton Review and is called the ACT Cram Packs. This course is for 3 hours and it is fully personalized with a good tutor. The time and place can be chosen by you.

The PowerScore Weekend ACT Course

The course is over a weekend and it is for 12 hours. Intense coaching is given for preparation. PowerScore guarantees a 3-point increase in your score. The tutors in this course are experienced and know everything about the test. The course material consists of real test questions. The concepts of the subjects and techniques to answer the questions are taught in this course and this helps students to get a better score. The fee for this course is $350.

ACT Crash Course

This crash course is for 6 hours. Strategies to handle each section are given during the crash course. A book of ACT with 3 practice tests with answers and explanations are also given. A self study plan for test preparation is also given. This is a one day seminar and you can register for it at the online store in the web address given above.

Crash Course for the ACT, 3rd Edition from The Princeton Review

This is a book form The Princeton Review. This book helps you to get a higher score in ACT by giving you 10 simple steps. The higher score can be achieved in less than one week by using this book. Strategies to understand and do well in the test, many practice questions and answers with full explanations are the main features of this book. Used and new books are available at New books cost $61.45 and old books cost $11.85. Preparation for the test, using this book is very effective.

If you are starting to prepare for the test in the last minute, there are few useful tips that you can follow.

  • Do not get tensed
  • Remember that the ACT tests your knowledge of subjects you have already studied
  • Be confident that you can do well in the test
  • Look through the syllabus and brush up all the concepts
  • Do not start studying a new concept that you have never studied before
  • Practice as many test papers as possible
  • Be focused on your aim.