Tips on Taking the ACT Test

Checklist for Taking the ACT

The ACT is an examination whose scores ascertain the level of preparedness of an individual for college admissions mainly in the USA. The test is very academic in nature and, if a candidate follows the rules of the test and makes a conscious effort to take the test properly, then he/she can excel in it very easily. The following are two checklists to help students prepare before and while taking the test:

A Checklist to Help Candidates Prepare Before Taking the ACT Test:

  • Visit the official website, the link to which is as follows: If you want the current information about the test, your first step should be to visit the student's information section provided on the official website of the test. Through this website, you cannot only make a personal information log for the test, but from the information given in the website, you can start preparing for the test as well. The information given on the website is genuine and will be very helpful for you.

  • Mark the test date, center and timing: Though you have been given these during your registration, it is better make a personal note for the date, center and timings of your test. For attending the exam properly, it is imperative that you have all your documents and other test details in place so that, you can peacefully concentrate only on your test taking strategies, before the test. Just before the day of the test, recheck the test details for the changes, if any, that might have been made to the test date, centre and timings.

  • Go through and remember the dos and don'ts of the test mentioned on the website: The official website has an updated record of the examination rules and you should be aware of them before you start preparing so that you are well aware of time limits and rules for taking the test. Remember to follow the correct guidelines for the module that you have registered for. If you have registered for the test module that includes the Writing section, then remember to follow its rules and procedures properly. These official rules and tips are available at the link:

  • Go through the Test Guide and an Official Online Preparation options available on the official website ( to practice taking the test. You should also go through and thoroughly practice from the official booklet that has specially been designed to help students prepare for this test. The link to this booklet is

  • Keep yourself ready for the test: Getting yourself ready for attending the test not only involves academic preparation but, it also means that you should keep the infrastructure ready for the test day. In short, keep a bag ready in advance for the day of the test. Prepare a list of paraphernalia, like stationery, ID card etc. and then place your things together so that these small but important details are not forgotten in the anxiety generated by nearing the exam date.

A Checklist to Help Candidates Tackle the Final ACT Test...

  • Follow your game-plan: While you were preparing for the test, you must have followed a procedure that helped you in practicing for the exam easily. If you have a strategy that worked for you during practice, use it for the final test also.

  • If you do not have a game-plan then, do not jump from one question to another in the final test. Start answering your test slowly and in conjunction with the level of difficulty of the questions. Try tackling the questions that you are confident about first, to get a grip of the test and then, proceed to answer the more difficult questions.

  • While taking the test, keep a tab on the time: In tests like these, it is very easy to forget about the time barriers. This leads to situations where you have to hurriedly answer the remaining questions so as to at least complete the test. Answers that have been given in a hurry are either wrong or, of poor quality and, in both cases, lead to a low score.

  • Keep your cool: While taking the test remember to concentrate only on the test, its questions and the time limits. Do not let your performance anxiety and its pressures bog you down. It is very important to keep your cool as you take the test as it will help you gain momentum in answering the questions. This will also give you enough time to review your test and make the required changes to improve your scores.

In a nutshell, practice and keep practicing for the exam. Prepare yourself by answering as many practice tests as possible. While taking the actual test, remember your practice and do not repeat your mistakes. Both, what you do before and while taking the examination, contribute equally to your success in the test.