Take an ACT Online Course:

Online ACT courses are preferred by students who have time and travel constraints. Moreover, they are also a flexible mode of test preparation. The biggest advantage of this is that you can attend the online course at any time adjusting it according to your schedule.
It is not possible for every student to attend an online course by himself. So, along with the the course's study materials, you can also get an online instructors' help. The online instructor support is available 24/7 and you can either mail your queries to the instructor or text chat with him.
You must attend a course as it will prove to be very beneficial and equip you with all the needed techniques and strategies which will prove to be useful in securing a good score. You can take the course for a short duration or enroll for 2, 3 months' long course. If you want to just brush- up the test material then you can take a short duration course, whereas if you want to gain complete in-depth knowledge about the complete test, then you can take an integrated online course.
Take up the online course, before you register for the test as it will provide you with lots of useful information and the instructors will give all sort of technical help which will prove to be beneficial in assessing yourself.

How to Take the ACT Test Dates?

Once you have undergone the preparation, the next step is to decide suitable test dates. To book a test date you will have to get the registration done. The registration can be done up to 5 weeks prior to the test date. Sometimes the question that arises in our minds is if we tend to miss the first test date registration deadline then how to book a test date again? The answer to this question is that you can register for the test by paying a late fee of $ 19.
In order to do this, you should know how many test dates are available each year. Generally there are 5 to 6 test dates available every year, but the number is not fixed and it can vary from state to state. Along with how to take the test date, you should also decide in which month you should take this exam. As the test are held in the months of April, June , September, October, December and February, so you can book for any of these months depending upon your convenience.
One factor that you should keep in mind before deciding the test date is that your score will be required by colleges so that they can compare your score with other candidate dates scores and give admission accordingly. So your test date should be such that your scores are conveyed to the college at the right time.

Take ACT Exam Score Information:                  

It is very important to obtain information about the scoring system as it will help you work accordingly and obtain a good score. While seeking admission into colleges, the admission authorities will take the scores into consideration. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the authorities to decide which candidate is best suited for a particular course. Therefore, that time they take the exam scores into consideration.
After your test scores have been attached to the file for maintenance of records, you can order to take additional score reports through telephone. To do this, you will have to fill up the phone order worksheet. In order to receive additional reports you will have to make the payment through Master Card, Visa or through a check.
Some think that by requesting for a priority report they'll be able to take the score information faster, but that is just a misconception. No one will be entertained to take exam score report by phone, mail or fax. Once your request for the score report has been processed, you cannot get the score report request back, neither can you get it changed or canceled.
For getting information through telephone you will have to pay an additional charge of $12. As soon as your tests get scored, you can get the score report through post or view it online. You can attend coaching in order to improve your scoring and get admission into some good college. You can take the exam score interpretation report to evaluate where you stand and what types of answers you should write in order to fetch a good score. You must take the exam score information as it will help you evaluate your performance.

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