Studying for the ACT Test

Prep Books for ACT Study

ACT test should be attempted after a well planned preparation. This guarantees a good score which is needed for getting admitted to a good college. There are several methods available for studying for the ACT test. Studying for the ACT test can be done by joining an ACT prep course, by hiring a private tutor, studying along with a partner or through self study. Whatever be the method you select for studying for the ACT test, one common element in all these study methods is the presence of good prep books for ACT study.

Prep Books for ACT Study

Prep books form an important part of studying for the ACT test, especially if you opt for the self study method. Prep books for ACT study need to be selected carefully. The internet (, provides book reviews, which can be used for deciding the right book. Don't depend on a single prep book for your preparation; buy two or more books from reputed publishers. If you are considering joining a prep course, then the instructors can guide you in selecting the right book. Similarly, a private tutor can also help in guiding you in selecting the right book. Select books which are recently published, as they will include the latest trends and updates of the ACT test. Consult your teachers or friends who are appearing or have appeared for the ACT regarding selection of the right book. If possible go through the books before buying them, see if they follow a format which is simple and easy to understand. If your local library provides prep books for ACT, then you may even consider hiring the books. When you have decided on the prep books, you can buy them either from the book store or through the internet. Along with the regular prep books, buy books containing practice tests. When you have finished studying for the ACT test, you can attempt these practice tests to know how well you are prepared.

Some Prep Books for ACT Study

The Real ACT Prep Guide- This is the official ACT test study guide provided by the ACT officials. This prep book includes information regarding how to take the ACT test, how to register for it, how to prepare for the ACT, how to behave on the test day etc. Each section of the ACT is explained by providing an overall review. This study guide contains 5 full-length ACT practice tests.

Barron's ACT by George Ehrenhaft, Robert l. lehman, Fred Obrecht, Allan Mundsack- You can begin the preparation for the ACT by attempting the diagnostic exam provided in this study guide. It also contains 3 full-length practice tests and also contains model tests which can be used for checking the pace of your learning. It includes strategies, techniques and tips for attempting the ACT. This study guide includes answers for the practice questions included in the book along with their explanations.

How to Study For ACT test?

  • The first step in the studying for the ACT test begins with planning about when you are going to take the ACT. When you have decided upon the ACT test date, start studying for the ACT test using a suitable preparation method depending upon your requirements. When the registration process begins for your test date, register for the selected ACT test date. When you are done with this process, continue studying for the ACT test.
  • Give equal importance to all the subjects; more time can be given to the difficult subjects without neglecting the easy ones.
  • Don't wait till the test day for learning things, try to learn a new topic every day. This will make you comfortable on the test day.
  • Attempt several practice tests, this not only makes you familiar with the ACT test pattern, but also helps in checking the pace of your learning.

Several methods are available for studying for the ACT test; select the method that suits you the best. Getting a good ACT score depends on how well you study for the ACT test, so prepare well for the ACT in order to get admitted to a good college.

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