Studying For ACT Test

7 Essentials for ACT Study

Getting admitted to a prestigious college for continuing one's higher studies is a dream often seen by most of the youngsters. The ACT test acts as a medium for fulfilling this dream. Getting a good ACT score provides an opportunity to get admitted to the top colleges, thus helping in the molding of a better future.

As the ACT basically tests what you have learned during your school years, studying for ACT test is not so difficult. If you were a careful listener in school, then remembering those important lectures is the first step towards studying for ACT test. The formulas, practical knowledge, equations, diagram; all contribute towards the essentials of ACT study.

7 Essentials for ACT Study

1. Stick with the purpose- You are attempting the ACT for getting admission to a good college. While studying for ACT test, remembering this purpose will make the studying process more easy and fun. Think about the different advantages you will have if you are selected to a prestigious institution, what all changes can occur in your life after passing out from that college. Thinking about such things while doing other work also helps in studying in a better manner for the ACT test.

2. Planning your ACT test- There are six ACT test dates available in a year for you to attempt the ACT. The ACT test date should be selected after careful planning. The date should be so selected that you will be ready in every manner for taking the ACT. No commitments should come and disturb you while studying for ACT test. After the date has been decided, you should complete the registration process and continue with your preparation.

3. Know yourself- Before starting your preparation, start by attempting a mock test. This will help in knowing which subjects are easy and which are difficult. Concentrate more on the difficult ones, but don't neglect the easier ones.

4. Preparation methods- Different preparation methods are available for studying for ACT test. You can join ACT prep courses, hire a private tutor, study with a partner or opt for self study. The method must be so selected that you are able to learn comfortably. You can visit the following links if you want to know more about ACT prep courses:, Books like Barron's ACT 36: Aiming for the Perfect Score and The Real ACT Prep Guide are some books that you can refer to.

5. Set a goal- Don't wait till the exam day for learning. Start your preparation early, this way you will be able to cover all the topics of the ACT. Assign a goal for each day, like completing one lesson or learning an equation or a diagram. Make sure that before the end of the day you are able to complete the task. This will make you tension free as the exam approaches.

6. Create a time-table- A time-table should be designed for studying for ACT test. It should be created keeping in mind the time when you will be able to study with full concentration. Equal importance should be given to all the sections of the ACT. Studying continuously for long hours is not what counts, but what you understood from the small study sessions is more important. So, take short breaks in between, this will keep the mind fresh. Keep enough time for relaxation, food, sleep etc, otherwise you will lose your interest in studying for ACT test.

7. Attempt practice tests- When you are done with your studying for ACT test, attempt several practice tests. This not only familiarizes you with the real ACT but also helps in knowing about how well you are prepared for the ACT. Try to attempt the practice tests just like the real ACT, don't get up in the middle and go for eating snacks or for attending a phone call. Take the help of your family and friends in providing an environment just like that of the exam hall, so that you will feel comfortable on the day of the test.

Studying for ACT test is not a very difficult task, if you have the will there is a way. So, make your will strong and look for the way that will help you in studying for ACT test.

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