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The Most Widely Used Study Guides for ACT

A good study guide for ACT test is essential to preparing well as it will contain a summary of the test, the questions asked in it, practice tests as well as helpful tips for doing well in the test. A lot of such guides are available in the market. If you require an excellent study guide for ACT test, you can choose any of the ones given below after comparing them and assessing your requirements vis-à-vis what they offer.

The Real ACT Prep Guide

This study guide for ACT test has been developed and published by ACT Inc i.e. by the makers of the test themselves. The book is available with a CD and without it. The CD version is priced at $34.95 while the one without the CD costs $30.95. This book contains all information regarding the test such as registration information, test deadlines, information related to scores, etc. It begins by explaining the format of the test and the sections it contains. This is followed by a summary of all concepts relating to different sections. After this, you will be provided with five complete solved sample papers along with optional Writing questions. Explanations of all solutions are given. The CD contains supplementary information about the test and guidance on planning your college education. Students have voted this to be the ultimate study guide for ACT test.

Cracking the ACT, 2012 Edition

This ACT study guide (priced at $19.99) follows the amazing line up of guide books that are published by The Princeton Review. This book is available with an additional DVD (priced at $31.99) if you wish to purchase that. The content of all four subjects is covered in this book along with plenty of practice questions. This book also walks you through the Writing test and explains how you can develop the skills required to write high scoring responses to questions contained in the Writing section. The book will contain 3-4 complete practice tests depending on which version of the book you buy out of which 2 tests are given in the book itself. If you buy the DVD edition, 2 tests will be available online otherwise 1 test will be available online. Access to online lessons and tutorials are also provided. The DVD contains additional tutorials by experts on how to prepare for the test.

Kaplan ACT 2012 Premier

Buying the Kaplan study guide for ACT test provides you with a great book to study from, a CD ROM containing additional practice and lessons as well as access to their exclusive online lessons and tutorials. Priced at $31.99, this book gives you a general overview of all the subjects and practice questions based on the concepts tested in the individual subjects. The book contains six practice tests with detailed solutions. This is accompanied by several tips and strategies pertaining to attempting questions and achieving a high score. The Live Online classes that you can access are virtual classes that have ACT experts giving you audio and video lessons. These classes also provide a discussion forum for clarifying doubts concerning different aspects of the test.

Barron's ACT

No discussion about guide books can be complete without a mention of a Barron's book. Barron's books are subject to the highest quality standards and the same is true for this ACT book. This book is priced at $18.99 and contains an overview of all concepts tested in the exam. Barron's study guide for ACT test contains a diagnostic test as well as three more practice tests to help you prepare for the exam. In addition to the above, there are topic-wise practice questions that will help to clarify all your concepts. The optional Writing test is also covered in this book by providing a guide to essay writing. Tips and strategies are also provided.

You may choose any book for preparation but make sure that you prepare well from that book and nothing will be able to stop you from getting a good score in the test.

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