Signing Up for the ACT Test

Deadlines to Keep In Mind for Signing Up For ACT

How to Sign Up for ACT

Signing up for the ACT test is simple. There are two ways to sign up for the test. One is to sign up online, and the other is to register by mail. The online registration is the fastest and the easiest way to sign up for ACT. For the register-by-mail method you have to wait for at least 7-10 working days to receive your registration package.

Deadlines for ACT-An Introduction

In the case of ACT, deadlines are everything. The testing, registering rules of ACT are so systematically set that you will hardly miss a deadline and even if you do, there are loopholes to make you bounce back and take the ACT. However, one wouldn't want to miss a deadline if one can avoid it. All the test dates and deadlines for signing up for the ACT test are mentioned well in advance on the official website, so one way to avoid missing deadlines is to go through the website. Click on the following link to browse the official website of ACT:

Information on ACT Deadlines for 2012

The ACT takes place 6 times in a year, in the U.S., U.S. Territories, and Canada. The availability of ACT is much less in other countries as compared to the U.S. ACT 2012 will take place in the months of September, October, December, February, April and June. It is always better to pick a date for taking the ACT at least two months before the application deadlines of colleges. This way you will be able to buy enough time for your ACT test prep.
The registration deadlines are almost 4-5 weeks before the actual test dates. After crossing the registration deadlines, test takers still stand a chance to register for ACT, but a late fee will be applicable in this case, over and above the basic registration fee. Also, this is condition to the availability of the test takers preferred test date and test center. This is the reason one must always plan ahead while signing up for the ACT test and apply early in order to avoid last-minute confusion and rush.

After signing up for the ACT test, the test takers are allowed to change their preferred test dates and test centers. However, this is possible only if the test taker has applied for the changes before the 'late fee registration deadline'. If the test taker has crossed this deadline too, then he/she will have to opt for Standby testing which is very risky since the seats for the exam will be given out only after the test takers who originally applied for the same have been placed. This is the reason why it is better to opt for a test date change than Standby testing if you have missed a deadline or a test date or you are not satisfied with the test center allotted to you.

In case of making changes in your application, regarding adding/changing/cancelling your choice of colleges, you must make the changes by Thursday noon (central time) before the Saturday of your signed up test date. This rule applies to both national and international test takers. Even if your test center is rescheduled, this deadline will stand.

Importance of Deadlines While Signing Up for the ACT Test

  • The most important factor will be saving money by following deadlines. Most of the additional services (in case of deadlines) will cost you an amount in addition to that you pay for the basic registration. For example, the cost of test date change is $21, and the cost of registering for ACT is $49.50.
  • Decide about your test dates and test centers beforehand when you are signing up for the ACT test.
  • Consult your teachers at school regarding the appropriate time when you can take the ACT.
  • Avoid Standby testing if you can since it is risky and you have to shell out almost double the amount that you would otherwise spend on ACT testing. The total cost for Standby testing is $42 in addition to basic fee for the test option you have chosen)

Before signing up for the ACT test, refer to the 2012 dates and deadlines of the ACT test on the official website, here:

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