Sign Up for ACT Test

Checklist for ACT Sign-Up

There are different ways in which you can sign up for ACT test. You can sign up online, or by mail, or you can make a request for specially arranged testing. The method that you can opt for will depend upon where you want to take the test, your age, whether you will require accommodations, and so on. This article will describe the different ways by which you can sign up for ACT test.

Sign Up for Act Test in the USA:

If you want to take the test at a center in the USA, you can sign up for Act test online. You can use the following steps:

1. Create a student web account by logging on to this link:

2. Visit the following links and select a test center and test date:

3. Log in to your web account, enter the required details at the following link, make the required payment and sign up for ACT test online:

4. If you want non-Saturday testing due to your religious convictions, check if there is any such date available at any center within 50 miles from your place of residence. If such a date is available, you must sign-up for it. If there is no such date available, then you have to request for arranged testing.

5. If you have a disability or a health issue, due to which you want to apply for accommodations, you must first sign up for ACT test online. Take a print of your admission ticket, then prepare your request in writing. Give the details of the test you registered for, your personal information such as name, address and phone number, and supporting documentation of your disability. Mail it to the address given. It should reach before the registration deadline for the test date that you selected.

6. After you have signed up for any of the ACT tests, you are allowed to change your test date and/or your test center. If you request the change within the regular registration deadline, you have to pay the additional fee for test date/center change only. If you make the request after the regular registration deadline of the new test date, you must pay the late fee plus the fee for the test date/center change.

7. If you miss the date for late registration for a test, then you have the option to try to take standby testing. You have to create and log in to your web account, and take a print of the standby request form. On the day of the test, you should bring the completed form along with identification. If there is a seat available, the staff at the center may permit you to take the test. If you are able to take the test, you will have to make the payment later.

You can sign up for ACT test in the USA by mail also. This facility is meant for those who are less than 13 years of age and those who cannot pay by credit card. The checklist to sign up for ACT test by mail is as follows:

  1. Place an order for a Register-by-Mail packet.
  2. When you receive it (it takes about a week), enter the required details in the form.
  3. Send the contents of the packet and the required documents to the mailing address that is provided.

Sign Up for ACT Test Outside the USA:

If you want to sign up for ACT test at a center outside the USA, you have to follow almost the same procedure. The difference is in the links that you can use to find out about the test dates and centers that are available. These links are given as follows:

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