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When to Sign Up for ACT?

The ACT Sign Up:

The ACT is a proper and standardized test, administered at the US and other international locations for measuring the test takers' caliber of coping up with the college level courses. The test evaluates your basic academic skills and knowledge of fundamental concepts as the test taker, which indicates your college-readiness. If the structure and syllabus of this test appeals to your capability of test taking, you should sign up for ACT exam. There are two processes to sign up for ACT exam, depending on your age whether you are 13 years old or younger. You just need to provide some basic personal and academic information for the ACT registration. What's more important is to identify the right time to sign up for ACT exam. But you have no reason to worry about this as in this article you shall know, all about the ACT registration process.

When Should You Consider Registering for ACT?

The decision, as to the correct time to sign up for ACT exam depends largely on many factors. Factors like college application deadlines and your daily schedule, etc. affects your decision for taking the test. The ACT exam is offered on September and it is recommended that you enroll for it in that month itself. If you postpone your exam, you might not get your report before the college application deadlines. Moreover, taking ACT early in the fall enables you to improve your score in the second attempt (if required), just before the college deadlines.

What Are the Different Ways of ACT Test Enrollment?

Online Enrollment: Online enrollment is open, only if you are of 13 years of age or older. You need a proper PC and an Internet connection to sign up for ACT exam online. Follow the below mentioned steps for online registration:

  • Create Your ACT Web Account: To initiate your online ACT sign up process, you need to create an ACT Web Account using your valid email ID, a unique username and a password.
  • Confirm Your Registration Details: Once your account is created, log in to proceed to the registration page. Enter all your personal details, academic records and other relevant data that are asked in the vacant fields. Fill up the form and confirm that all the provided details are correct.
  • Pay the Fees: Once you have confirmed your registration information, you have to pay the exam fees using your credit/debit card.
  • Print the Admission Ticket: After you have made your payment, the admission ticket is generated. View all the details and look for errors and print it only when you are satisfied that it is flawless.

Note: You have the liberty to change any and every registration detail in the future by logging in to your ACT Web Account. However, you have to print your new admission ticket after making the required amendments.
Registering through Mail: Mail registration is applicable only if you are younger than 13 years of age. You have to comply to the following steps to sign up for ACT exam by postal mail:

  1. Request a Counselor Order Form: As you are less than 13 years of age, you need to send out a Counselor Order Form request before registration.
  2. Request for a Mail Registration Package: After sending the Counselor Order Form, you have to request for a Register-By-Mail package, by entering online your identification and location details. The package would contain the registration form for ACT.
  3. Receive and Send the Registration Form: The registration package is delivered to your desired address within seven to ten working days. As you receive your registration form, fill it up correctly and send it to the ACT officials.

Other Registration Requirements:

If you want to sign up for ACT exam, you have to provide other relevant information that indicates your choice of test center, test dates, fee payment and high school/college codes. You can get all such required details, if you follow the below mentioned links:

Test Centers:
Test Dates:
Fee payment:
High School Codes:
College Codes:

Links for Online and Mail Registration for ACT Test:

You would also need the web-links for online ACT registration and postal registration. Following are the required links:

ACT Web Account:
Register-By-Mail Package:

From the above discussion, the entire process of ACT registration is made clear and easy. Remember that you should start your ACT preparation at least three months before you sign up for ACT exam. That increases the chances of you earning a high score and boosts up your test taking confidence.

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