SAT ACT Prep Guide

Simultaneous Prep for ACT and SAT

Both the SAT and ACT tests are admission tests for college entry in the US. Originally, people in the northwest took up the ACT and students in the northeast, west and east coast of the US took up the SAT. The difference in the test was only the geographical location. But today, both the test scores are accepted by most of the universities. Some colleges require you to take up a particular test. The test you have to take up will be mentioned by them.


The biggest dilemma students face is whether to take up the SAT or ACT test. The tests also differ in the content and types of questions asked. It is best to choose a test that tests your strengths. Many of the students prepare for both the tests. The SAT ACT prep is not difficult. It is also a good idea to do a SAT ACT prep together.


In the ACT test, the questions are straight forward and it tests the principles you have learnt. On the other hand, the SAT tests the understanding and applications of the learnt principles and the questions are not straight forward. There are three sections in the SAT - Math, Critical Reading and Writing. In ACT, there are 4 sections - English, Reading, Math and Science. An optional Essay Writing section is also there. Another important difference is that there is no negative marking in ACT and there is a quarter point penalty for wrong answers in SAT.


SAT ACT prep can be done together since both the tests evaluate what the student has learned in the high school level. The preparation strategy is different for the two tests. There are a few institutes that offer coaching for both the tests.

Kaplan Test Prep -

Kaplan Test Prep offers coaching for ACT and SAT separately as well. This course, College Prep Advantage is priced at $999. It offers coaching for SAT, PSAT and ACT. The course is for 45 hours. 18 hours are allotted for SAT and ACT classes and 9 hours is for PSAT classes. They administer 4 practice tests each for SAT and ACT and 2 for PSAT. Using Kaplan Test Prep for SAT ACT prep is very useful and beneficial.

Think Tango World-

Think tango world offers SAT ACT parallel preparation. There are totally 58 lessons for the SAT ACT prep course. Each lesson is for 2 hours. A unique program has been charted for the preparation of ACT and SAT together. This approach benefits students while taking up the test. All the sections and question types are covered for both the tests. This is an online course and therefore is available 24X7. You can take up the lesson anytime you want from anywhere. The course is designed for one year and the fee is $1990. You can also take up the course on a monthly basis with 5 lessons in one month. The cost of this is $199 per month. If you want to take up only practice tests, you can enroll for the SAT+ ACT Practice Test Package. It costs $199 with 2 tests and 2 review sessions.

SAT ACT prep can be done simultaneously even without joining a course. You can do this by buying one book for each of the tests. Study the concepts thoroughly. This will help you in answering any type of question. Practice as many mock tests as possible. Practice ACT and SAT tests alternately. This type of preparation is also very useful. Since the concepts, principles and applications have been studied by you in school, all that you need to do to get a good score in SAT or ACT, is to practice and time your tests.

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