Registering for the ACT Exam

The Quickest Option for Registering for ACT

How Would You Sign Up for ACT?

The ACT test scores are accepted by several colleges and universities as considerable criteria for admission. If you think that you possess the skills that are tested in the ACT exam, you can register for the ACT test. Depending on your age, you have to choose either of the two methods of registering for the ACT exam. If you are younger than 13 years of age, you have to request for registration materials for registering through post. Otherwise, if you are of the age 13 years or more, you have to register online through your free ACT Web Account. You need to have a valid email ID and a credit card if you are registering for the ACT exam through your ACT Web Account. Under the following headings, you shall read about the two methods of ACT registration and other relevant details related to them.

Online Registration-the Quickest Mode of Registration:

If you are registering for the ACT exam over the Internet, you have to create an ACT Web Account using your valid email ID first and then proceed to filling up your personal and academic details. You have to enter your desired test date, test centre name and high school code and submit your application. Once your application is ready, you have to pay the exam fee/fees in order to generate your admission ticket. Examine your ticket carefully and be sure that there aren't any errors in it. Once assured, you have to print your admission ticket that functions as your hall-pass into the test centre on the test day. To start your online registration, click on

Online registration is the quickest option for ACT registration due to some reasons.
Firstly, you can quickly book a seat for yourself at your desired test centre.
Secondly, whenever you wish to, you can change any/all data of your ACT application.
Thirdly, you can simply use your credit card to pay the exam fees (for details about the exam fees, click at the

When Can You Register for ACT by Mail?

There are certain aspects that a test taker must fulfil if he/she is registering for the ACT exam by postal mail. They are:
The test taker has to be younger than 13 years of age to apply by postal mail.
The test taker is an individual student.
The test taker does not possess any credit card or any other authorized voucher or a waiver to pay the fees.
If you come under any of the above mentioned categories, you have to first fill up a form to request for the Register-by-Mail package at You can register for ACT by postal mail only when you receive this package at your specified address.

Provisions for Standby Testing:

You might be unable to register for ACT within the normal/late registration deadlines for a particular test date. In such a case, you may still be able to apply for ACT on the specified test date, through Standby Testing. While registering for the ACT exam as a standby test taker, you have to login to your ACT Web Account and first, note down your ACT ID before printing the Standby Request Form. In the next step, you have to fill out this entire form, paying extra care while entering your ACT ID as that ensures the delivery of your ACT report. Finally, you need to present your future plans and high school academic details at 'Manage Your Profile' option in your ACT Web Account within Thursday, 12 noon, which comes just after the already listed Saturday testing date. You can view and print your Standby Request Form at

The score reporting for standby test takers takes more time to be published due to processing of complete registration. The basic fee for taking ACT is $34 (the fee is $49.50 if you choose ACT Writing). Standby test takers have to pay $42 in addition to the basic test fee. Being a standby test taker, you are obligated to pay all test fees once you are registered and started testing by tearing the seal of your test booklet. For more information on registering for the ACT exam as a standby test taker, you can click at

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